July 25, 2021


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Menoufia Governor: Mashrouak initiative contributed to providing 117 job opportunities for youth, with a total financing of 14 million pounds

Major General Ibrahim Abu Limon, Governor of Menoufia, announced that the job opportunities provided by “your project” during last February amounted to 117 job opportunities through the implementation of about 92 projects funded by 14 million and 267 thousand and 700 pounds, stressing the need to encourage young people to practice self-employment and participate in the initiative. Your project. “

The governor instructed those in charge of the “project” program to intensify awareness campaigns about the project, especially in villages, so that young people and women breadwinners benefit from the benefits of the program, stressing the need to provide all facilities for loan applicants, provided that technical and administrative training is provided to them to take advantage of all advantages. the program.

He pointed out that the aim of “your project” is to provide many job opportunities, especially for young people and women who are breadwinners in the villages and neighborhoods of the governorate, to form a new generation of young investors, which will contribute to reducing unemployment rates, raising the standard of living, and creating new job opportunities for the people of the governorate to enable them from the labor market. In order to enhance the culture of self-employment by granting the necessary funding to establish various projects in implementation of Egypt Vision 2030. Date: 07-03-2021