May 19, 2021


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Corona must be strict in control

Today is more than one year, the country has been attacked in Karonaviras. Infections started from March 2020 in paper-pipe. Now we see that in the middle of April 2021, we see its second wave and it is more intense than the first wave. The question is, why is the second wave so intense? Did we take enough education from the first wave? In the control of the epidemic, we saw the coordination of health administration and public administration in a past year. I saw a kind of indifference and decision. I also noticed the desperate attitude of the people. But today is the most responsible for today’s situation. The government and the people are seen in both sides. Now to meet the needs of the growing Cavid patient’s treatment, it has become necessary to reduce the speed of infection on the other side. It is also important to learn from the previous mistakes.

After the first Covet infection in the country, we saw the countrymen, our health ministry was not ready at all. Rather, the Health Ministry said that everything is okay. In order to prevent the expansion of infections, separate people from identifying and in the treatment of detectors, assuring people in the treatment of the victims, to be prepared in the treatment of the victims, to prepare the doctors and the health ministry. Then there was a severe criticism of Test Kit. As a result, the virus could not be drawn quickly due to notion and quarantine of people who came to identify and contact. After that, due to increasing the Cavid patients, the doctors were seriously criticized with the lack of personal security and irregularities (PPE). Due to the suspicion of the hospital in the hospital, he saw the tragic news of the tragedy to die without any treatment of many types of treatment. A managerial error can be noticed in all things.

Next time it took a few times, but the problems were overcome. But there was another kind of discomfort in the news of the big corruption of the health ministry. The news of the Health Department and the medication administration came to the newspaper. However, the number of deaths slowly decreased. The rate of infections also decreased. Even the number of dead came down to five. Then the government and the people – one of us came to think that we all won. This kind of promotion was also noticed. But at the same time it appears in the newspaper, the second wave of taxes is going on or coming in all countries. Since we are not separated from the world and the second wave may come to us – we forgot about Bemalum. As a result, death and infection are now increasing day by day. In the meantime, the number of deaths reached about 10 thousand.

Here’s the initiative that should be taken from the government is to make people aware. But there was not enough efforts in this regard. Large promotional-propaganda was needed, people needed to convince – it did not seem to have a lot of time. As a result, awareness of maintaining mask and maintaining social distance was not created in humans. For this, it is not necessary to use public representatives, especially local government representatives, but it has not been done. The most main weapon of control without vaccine is the use of mask. After this, the importance of maintaining social distance. After asking many, I was surprised to know that most people do not know how to wear masks and social distances well about the importance and requirements. I saw the mosque on Friday, no one wants to accept anything. Do not accept people. It was not possible to keep the distance. 10 percent of the mosque did not see the mask in the face of devotees.

All these loose conditions and desperate attitudes have created the second wave of Coronaviras in the country. In it, it is known that the South African type of Karonaviras (variant) can be dangerous in the second wave. There is no hospital bed again, ICU is not empty. Oxygen also seems to be a serious shortage due to the increase in the patient. Another one is being given for 10 minutes after giving 10 minutes oxygen to a patient anywhere. Last year, when the first infection started, especially in May, June and July, there was still a lack of oxygen. Now oxygen needs increased, the demand of the bed has increased and more can increase. But now there is a lack of pre-preptions.

The government issued the lockdown order of the country for a week from April 5 to deal with this horrific situation. Although it was called lockdown, it was ‘rules forbid’ in paper. But the rules and restrictions are not completely ticked for a week. Two days later, the public transport was introduced in the metropolis. The four-day head is allowed to keep the morning and evening shop open from April 9. As a result, a loose lockdown was seen. Such a lockdown was given where the book fair was open, the biggest event like Bangladesh Games was going on. Large factories were open. The crowd of people in the road was seen as before. But in such a way that the infection can be reduced by relaxing lockdown or restriction? In this situation, the National Consultant Committee on Cavid-19, saying that at least 14 days, all things should be closed or the hardest lockdown. But on behalf of the government, it was reported on Friday, a rigorous lockdown of a week from April 14. That is, the government does not listen to the advice of the expert committee.

The National Committee says, if the continuous 14 days stop everything, the germs in the human body will not be expanded. That’s what the government has to do. Since it is not possible for a lot of lockdown, so the few days that are given are strictly admitted. The government may not want to go to Lockdown in more than a week considering business and human economic losses;

A  Nightly it should also be understood that the loss is being in all countries. People’s life before Do not save life, protecting garment companies, keep the shoppers open open, Pahela Boishakh or Eid-centric business can not be the main. Earlier, the Cavid committee’s advice was not properly admitted. Since the formation of the committee, policymakers seem to have a cooperation with them. The decision to decide without discussing them with them.

Now what needs to be done, the government will have to make strict decisions. Not politics or population, the government should think of public opinion. To implement strict decisions, all classes will be able to take cooperation of all classes. All teams, civil society, media-all have to take cooperation. The biggest thing, those who are with the people of the local government, will have to cooperate with the upazila council and union council and municipalities. Civil administration is enough for the implementation of strict lockdown. But the army can be used when it is needed. Remember that implementation of lockdown only to reduce the intensity of infection is not enough, the overall and integrated efforts should be continued.

Author: Former adviser to the caretaker government