May 19, 2021


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Happy birthday A creative man of consciousness

He is one of the most important spirits in Bangladesh. Your identity has been enhanced in Bengali. The unique signature of creativity. Artist Hashem Khan, who has been filled with artist Hashem Khan, has been completed on 16 April 80. Creative artist Hashem Khan is enriching his creative workflow in Fine Arts. There is no disagreement about artist Hashem Khan’s personality in painting in Bangladesh.

The national and international arena is engaged in developing industrialists and troughs for 62 years for 62 years. Until 1963 to 2007, the successful teachers of Fine Arts and his students are earning reputation in industrial art throughout Bangladesh.

In the movement of the development of the fourthores of the country, he is devoted to the movement of human rights and creating progressive culture.

At the young age, he established the childwork in Bangladesh as a matter of culture and cooperation in the advice and cooperation of Roknuzzaman Khan Dada Dadavai and Shilpacharya Jainul Abedin. In Bangladesh, artist Hashem Khan has a pioneer and strong role in child education and childcare. She has established the culture of childhood in Bangladesh and researched it. Picture of the child likes the child as a joy to children. In this way, the people of Bangladesh, who are now 60-65, have recognized Bangladesh through their school publishing book. China recognized the people and lifestyle of Bangladesh. Today, childcare is a significant subject of purifying culture in Bangladesh. He is the pioneer of this trend.

Hashem Khan followed Bangabandhu from his student life. In the sixties, almost all the posters of Awami League, Chhatra League and Progressive Politics in the sixties were covered with coverers, festoons, pictures, publicity books. In 1966, the release of Bengalis was the historic six-point logo, flag design, poster and other artworks of artist Hashem Khan. He decorated the symbolic design of six-point ‘backsin’ in front of the hotel eden in front of the then Hotel Eden to declare six points in front of the people. In the 1970 elections, the economic discrimination of East Pakistan and West Pakistan highlighted the historic poster ‘Why Sonar Bangla Crematoria?’ The artist Hashem Khan was published in this title.

The ‘constitutional book’ of Bangladesh is all around the design and writing inside each page. Artist Hashem Khan has worked as the main artist under the supervision of artist Zainul Abedin.

He is an album of about 300 films based on Bangabandhu, is an executive editor. The President of the album, the President of Bangabandhu Khan, Sheikh Hasina, which was published in 1997. He is the president of the editorial board of the Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Children’s Books ‘series’ series. In this series, Bangabandhu has been published in a total of 25 in the book and photo album on various issues related to Bangabandhu. This year, on the occasion of Bangabandhu’s birth anniversary, the new version of 25 books and photo albums have been published on March 17.
The chairman of the Joint Secretary and the Joint Secretary of the Bangladesh Bank of Bangladesh Bank, and the Bangladesh Bank’s Art Collection Album, the chairman of the Museum of Museum.

One of the main founder members of Dhaka City Museum Suhrawardy worked as a member of the Jury Board and Implementation Expert Committee of the Jury and Implementation of Suhrawardy Udyan. Artist Hashem Khan was a specialist member of the three-member Steering Committee of the National Latests of National Latests and National Music and National Music and Dance Center. He was the chairman of the Board of Trust of Bangladesh National Museum. He was also chairman of Bangladesh Children Academy.

One of the advisers of the National Committee of the Junker broker of 1971. 1971: One of the founder and trustees of genocide-torture archives and museums.

Artist Hashem Khan, one of the founder members of the Father of the Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Museum, is now the responsibility of President of the company’s workmen.

He got Ekushey Padak in 1992 for the outstanding contribution in artwork. In 2011, the country’s highest state award was awarded the freedom prize. Besides, he received many domestic and international prizes and honors. For the book’s cover, 16 times a year was rewarded by the National Book Center. In 2007, Bangla Academy nominated him honored fellow. Three times Agrani Bank received the childhood award.
He is a sophisticated. This is his published book 20.

This certainty of Bangabandhuaramik, has started a canvas of 28 feet length and 9 feet high with the speech of Bangabandhu’s 7th March. Drawing together with some other historical events canvas. For example, the six-point announcement of Sheikh Mujib, why?, 9-month liberation war and Bangabandhu, green revolution 1972 and BAKSAL 1975 etc.

Our Honorable Greeting on the 80th birthday of artist Hashem Khan Happy Birthday Hashem Brother.