May 19, 2021


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Anand will come back again Hillol

The mystery of the natural perversion of the antiquity was not revealed. Unknown in the day-to-day history of the presence of Boishakh. But the arrival of the month informed the people of his devotion. People naturally respect power. Generally, for fear, ever respectfully. Knowing who knows the temptation of Baishakh, in the history of the history, there was a colleague in the history of Baishakh. Although it is ancient, the identity of the people of Bangladesh is not very old with the joy of the anniversary of today’s anniversary or Pahela Baishakh.

Before the partition, we have seen in Pahela Boishakh, the artwork of clean-white alphabet in every house of the neighboring traditional community, and the gravity of the traders in front of the organization. It seemed as if the ‘joy is in the world.’

The sports partner in childhood-adolescence were with Jagadish-Piranta. Where are they lost in the catastrophe! Pahela Baishakh bored their memory mind. After 1947, the celebration of Pahela Baishakh was a lot of standing to stand around. From the sixties of the sixties in the last century, the people of East Bengal began to meet the celebration of the New Year celebration festival festivals. After coming out of religion and took the form of universality.

Fairly set up in Pahela Baishakh of Chaitra Nikriya. It was the village centric. During the middle of the nineteenth century, Rajnarayan Basu was occupied to promote New Year Celebrations at the citizen level. He was the head teacher of Midnapore Government School of Vidyasagar at that time. Note that he got the opportunity to associate with the activities of Thakur family. Rabindranath celebrated Pahela Baishakh in the Khubanadanga of Bhubanadanga’s thigh. Which was celebrated in the environment for twenty-five Boishakh. Needless to write, it is the beginning of his birth month. Gradually, it is not limited to civil life and is not limited to Poona and Halkhata. Earlier, after the partition of the year, after the partition of the year, it was said earlier. It was behind the head. History says, there was a tradition of the New Year celebration several years ago in the Arab territory. Yet Iran’s best festival ‘Noroz’ ie new day or New Year. Do not give a little attention to the visible events of our country without walking in the remote path of history.

In 1961, the celebration of Rabindra Births in the Hundred Hundred Hundred Births in our cultural history is a milestone in our cultural history. At the root of this, the attempt to enjoy the Ananda Festival of Pahela Boishakh. Sanjida Khatun Wahidul Haque was a leading effort. Their strength and motivation provided Dr. Gobind Chandra, Dr. Khan Sarwar Murshid, Justice Syed Mahbub Morshed, Dr. Sarwar Ali (Chapainawabganj), Dr. Anisuzzaman and others. In that year, the joyful festival of New Year with Naberun was celebrated with Naberun. The life-oriented section is still flowing and spread across the country. Because the character of a non-communal structure is available!

Once, some of the people of the people have fueled the common people away from the celebration of Pahela Boishakh. But we are not hampered in natural and human disasters. Such as Cavid-19, that is, the expansion of 2020 has made our Milnmala’s joy and festival grief. We believe, the darkness must be cut. The whole country will be lightened soon, the whole world.

Acroches of Cavid-19 nature. But we did not see the Pahela Baishakh in 1971 in Thaba of man-made miscreants. There was a living killer around there. It is remembered about the experience of burning burner burns to reach Nilkkkal Ghat on Faridganj’s fours while returning to the house in Chapainawabganj. With the sake of Meghna, I fell on the last storm of Chaitra in Tekarhat in Madaripur. After coming up on the shore, the storm was reduced in a while. The clouds in the clouds were concentrated in the evening. I started walking in it. Sometimes, when the cloud moves again in the light of the light, the light of a dry moon mate. The environment like crematorium in the face of returning home through many misfortune. The idea of ​​celebrating New Year disappeared. Needless to write, at that time, at that time, I was a newly appointed eldensive teacher of Noakhali Government College. From Noakhali to Chapainawabganj, I felt the hot wood from the hot wood. Any ceremony said in a pahela Boishakh, the field of Bengal was in the field, it was not real horrophy.

Pahela Baishakh was not celebrated in 1427 BS. Any doctrine behind this was not excluded. Do not create a daughters of the people of Bangladesh and spreading the joy of a day of the people of Bangladesh by creating a glorious frighteningness.

In a writer of Ekushey February, we said that we will celebrate our existence day by killing two thousand twenty-two twins. I did. To express the idea of ​​obstructing the expectation of the expectation of obtaining obedience to mourning. Pahela Boishakh day is merely joy. But do not go to the greedy eyes. From the person’s parasite, already, Milon’s bridge must be made of us. Needless to write, the festival gives life joy. Festival is the supplement of joy. The existence of the other than one is unimaginable. The festival should be peeping the call of ‘new-joy’ to wake up. Why do not call on Cavid-19 Marie, supermurry, epidemic – in which it will be powerless. After a strong storm, nature caught in a new shape, so we will be kept in the use of all power. Anandah will come back again