September 22, 2021


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Future of Air Forces: Successful testing of non-crew fighter jets in Australia, Boeing creates ‘Loyal Wingman’

Boeing, together with the Royal Australian Air Force, has successfully completed the first test flight of the unmanned fighter aircraft ‘Loyal Wingman’. This aircraft is designed to fight in which it can fight with other piloted aircraft.

During the test, a pilot from a ground control station monitored the flight and flew the aircraft at different speeds and altitudes. The test is also special because it is the first military aircraft designed and built in Australia in the last nearly 50 years.

With this successful test, Boeing is scheduled to conduct more tests of such aircraft this year. The sensors and various types of bomb-missiles are yet to be tested. Boeing Defense President Lean Carat said in a statement that Boeing, along with the Australian Air Force, has successfully tested the fully automated aircraft.

After successful testing of this aircraft, it is believed that in the coming time, the market of fighter aircraft will change. At the same time, the air forces of other countries will also choose the fighter aircraft keeping the future in mind.