September 26, 2021


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Juvenile gangs are committing crimes in the capital

You can always hear about teenage gangs. Why teenagers are involved in social conflict. Experts say parents’ busyness is pushing their children into the world of crime. And police say it is not possible for them to control juvenile delinquency alone.

The teen gang has become quite popular in the last few years. Crimes such as robbery, drug use, intimidation or murder are also being organized. No control of society or family seems to be working.

In Kamrangirchar, the victim of a gang dispute, 18-year-old Apu’s mother was expressing the pain of losing her only son. Recently, while trying to settle a dispute between a third party, Apu of the senior gang was killed by the junior gang in a dispute between the seniors and juniors of the area.

A friend of the deceased Apu said, ‘They were about to enter and we were also about to enter. We face them. There were about 30/40 of them and we were 10/12. We went to settle the fight.

According to the locals, 30 to 40 such gangs are active in Kamrangirchar area.

“The quarrel is mostly between seniors and juniors,” said a young man from the area.

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Another said, ‘In every alley, 10/12 people will sit in front of the house and hang out. According to what I have seen in our area, there are 30/40 gangs. ‘

Another young man said, “There is money for extortion, there is money for snatching. All the money is shared one by one.”

As per the police headquarters, 1,191 people have been arrested in 621 cases in the first six months of this year. Police and crime analysts say the law alone cannot solve the problem. Children need to be given enough time and companionship.

Dhaka Metropolitan Detective Police Deputy Commissioner Mashiur Rahman said they put a knife in the chest of an acquaintance. Sometimes hitting the head with a brick or stone on the side of the road for a little word. It is not possible for the police alone to eradicate such juvenile gangs.

Crime analyst Professor Sheikh Hafizur Rahman Curzon said there is no straightforward solution. With so much violence inside the social state, you will only want the children to be healthy, but that will not happen. ‘

Not just law enforcement. Families help children the most. And so experts say that if values ​​are not created in the family, teenagers can become more fearful and more reckless.