September 26, 2021


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Bangladesh spent a year with Corona

Bangladesh spent a year with Corona. Overcoming fear and apprehension, Kovid-19 is now a part of life. Now Tika is breathing a sigh of relief. Yet those who suffered in the beginning are still haunted by the unknown terror of this invisible enemy. Experts say the newly developed country has shown unimaginable success in vaccination. However, we have to think about the wounds that have come out in the health sector during the Corona period.

The procession of Corona’s death started from that house in Tolarbagh of the capital. When I think of those days, the people here are still terrified. Even though the memories are a bit dirty, have they forgotten the pain?

Haji Abdur Rahim said, the first death and the second death in our house. At that time I was afraid to talk to my son. Now the situation is much normal.

Life in the North Tolarbagh area of ​​the country’s first lockdown capital is now much more normal. Residents of the area said that by the grace of God, Karona has decreased a lot. Life here is much more normal now.

March 7, 2020. Covid nineteen identified in Bangladesh proves all fears and anxieties to be true.

As time goes on. The number of victims continues to increase. Bangladesh goes to lockdown. From public transport to office courts, everything is confined to a limited range. Everything comes to a halt, as if captive to nature.

With the exception of 365 days, 5 lakh 3 thousand 30 people identified Kovid Nineteen in the country. Of these, 5 lakh 3 thousand 3 people have recovered. The death toll is 6,482. At the end of the year, the statistics are more comforting than in many other countries, but Corona’s wounds are everywhere.

There were many fears, experts say that the statistics are now comfortable, regardless of the environmental situation or the weather. However, they are urged to think about the harsh reality that has come out in the health sector in Karana.

Professor Ridwana Rahman, a public health expert, said the government has shown foresight in getting the vaccine. We have failed to take necessary action in the areas where the weaknesses in healthcare have been revealed.

So far, more than 5 million people have registered for the vaccine, of which about 3.7 million have been vaccinated. Now everyone is seeing the light of hope.