May 16, 2021


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Allegations of extortion in Karwan Bazaar, four arrested with weapons

RAB has arrested four people with weapons on charges of extortion in the Karwan Bazar area of ​​the capital. They are Mohammad Rony, Liton and Milon. RAB-2 Assistant Superintendent of Police (Media) Abdullah Al Mamun claimed that a foreign pistol, a magazine loaded with fresh rounds of ammunition and 80 pieces of yaba were recovered from them.

RAB official Abdullah Al Mamun said Ronnie and his associates used the recovered weapons to extort money from Karwan Bazar raw material traders. Those who protested his work or refused to pay tribute were allegedly beaten. A case is pending against them.

Meanwhile, six shops and a ghee factory near Krishi Bank on Dudhsara Road in Kotchandpur municipal town of Jhenaidah were gutted by fire. Three units of the fire service brought the fire under control after trying for about an hour. The fire started around 9 pm on Sunday. The city’s electricity was cut off as soon as the fire broke out.

Kotchandpur Fire Service in-charge Pradeep Kumar Biswas told Kaler Kanth that they immediately rushed to the spot and tried to extinguish the fire but the fire spread within moments as there was flammable material at the spot. That is why when the Maheshpur and Kaligajna fire services were informed, they also came and helped to put out the fire. He said the shop, made of bamboo, wood and tin, had been burnt to ashes. There is still a small fire burning in some places. The cause of the fire or the amount of damage can not be said at the moment. Sajjad Hossain, the owner of Fuska House, which was burnt down in the fire, lost consciousness on the spot after seeing the scene of his shop being burnt down.

The people present at the time brought Sajjad Hossain to the hospital and admitted him. Sajjad Hossain said, I don’t know how the fire started. My shop was closed. Upon hearing the news, I went to the front of the store. However, many people think that there is a ghee factory at the back and the fire may have started from this factory. However, it was not possible to contact Bikash Chandra, the owner of the ghee factory.