May 17, 2021


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The doctor-police brawl, which took place behind the scenes

A video captured on the streets of Dhaka has gone viral on social media. Where a heated argument between a female doctor and a few policemen and a magistrate is seen. Doctors and police are playing a game of argument and counter-argument on Facebook centering on the video. People outside of these two professions do not stop. Some of them go to the other side and they also have different opinions. But no one is saying that it is unjust to confront the people of the two professions who have made the most sacrifices for the country at the moment of danger by bringing two isolated incidents to the fore.

When the coordination and complementary co-operation of the doctors and the police is most needed in this crisis of the nation, it is very important to stop this game of mutual criticism, blame-counter-blame, to stop at this moment.

At the beginning of the viral video, the doctor is seen in a somewhat angry mood telling the police and the magistrate – “I did not bring the ID card”.

When police asked “Do you have a movement pass?”

The doctor showed the sticker of the car and said “this is the movement pass”.

The man in the white shirt, known as the magistrate, said, “I don’t want to see that either. Do you have a movement pass? Where is your ID?”

Then the doctor replied, “Doctor’s movement pass? How many doctors have died in Corona?”

At one stage, the doctor revealed his identity and said that she was Sayeda Shawkat, the daughter of a freedom fighter with the title of Bir Bikram. At one point in the heated exchange, he addressed the police and the on-duty magistrate as ‘you’, and they too became enraged.

Sayeda Shawkat continues to say excitedly, ‘Doctor harassment must stop’.

The comment ‘My father is a freedom fighter and you are also a policeman’ is actually a statement from the police saying that his father is also a freedom fighter.

‘Doctor is big or police is big’ – Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Medical University Associate Professor Dr. Sayeda Shawkat Jenny.

The viral video was captured by photojournalist Jibon Ahmed. The photojournalist told the media the details of the incident.


What happened then?

This is the case in the Elephant Road area. Police also checked Jiban Ahmed’s car on the road. He was taking pictures there after the police check. At that check post, the police and the magistrate stopped Dr. Sayeda Shawkat’s private car and wanted to see her movement pass or ID card. “They want to see the ID card to find out if he is a doctor.”

“He got excited. The police said, ‘I want to see the ID card, I’m not committing a crime. Why are you using it badly? There are so many people out there with so many identities. That’s why you can’t use it.’

According to Jiban Ahmed, there was an officer-in-charge of New Market police station, a magistrate and several police officers. At one point, the doctor even tried to call a minister.

According to Jiban Ahmed, this was an attempt to show that the doctor was close to many at the highest levels of government.

Such behavior of doctors and police has caused a stir on social media. Many are also raising the question of how appropriate it is for the police to treat the responsible police in such a manner. In particular, a doctor’s comment – “You did not pass the medical chance, so you are the police. I got the chance so I am a doctor” is shared by many.

However, many are saying that the response to the harassment of the police may be from the long-standing anger. Saidar!

Why did this happen?

Why were the police repeatedly asking for ID cards even though the woman was wearing an apron and a doctor’s sticker was affixed to the car? Why is Dr. Sayeda so angry? Attempts have been made to find out the answer to that question.

The OC of New Market Police Station, who was present at the spot, was contacted but did not want to comment on the matter. He said that the media wing of the police will inform about this.

Iftekharul Islam, Additional Deputy Commissioner of Public Relations, Dhaka Metropolitan Police, said: No need, their ID card is enough. ”

“There were policemen on duty under the supervision of a magistrate. The magistrate himself wanted to see the card, the police were assisting. It’s part of our regular job. Then you get to see the whole thing,” he said.

“There have been many cases of misuse in the name of various emergency services. There are no patients using ambulances, nothing, people are traveling,” he said.

He said he was later allowed to leave as his doctor’s identity was confirmed.

On the other hand, when Dr. Sayeda Shawkat was contacted, her family said that she is now talking to the hospital authorities. He should be contacted later in this regard – this is what the family said.

However, after the incident, the group of doctors on Facebook ‘Bangladesh Doctors Foundation’ Dr. shared his experience. Sayeda. There, he wrote, the police caused trouble even though he had a BSMU permission paper in his car and an apron with the name of the organization on it. He likened it to an insult to the ‘doctor nation’. He wrote that the police took him to the police station Mocky gives up. So he did not leave the police to listen.

Many doctors have taken this side by saluting Dr. Sayeda by sharing this post.

Why do doctors react like that?

Since the lockdown began, many doctors have been writing on Facebook complaining that they are being harassed at checkpoints. The Dhaka Metropolitan Police also issued a statement criticizing the police’s actions, saying that it was part of routine work to ask for an ID card while traveling in a lockdown. It is the responsibility of the police to verify this and the police are doing so in the light of the ongoing restrictions.