May 16, 2021


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Khaleda Zia’s special assistant Shimul is not free to believe

BNP chairperson Khaleda Zia’s special assistant advocate Shamsur Rahman Shimul believes the coronavirus has been released. On Sunday (April 18), the report came negative when he tested his corona, said the BNP’s health secretary. Rafiqul Islam.

He said that although he was free from coronavirus, Shimul Biswas still had a cough and a cold. She has had a CT scan. The report is good.

Shimul Biswas has been suffering from fever, cold and cough since April 4. If you test the corona at that time, a positive report comes. He has been receiving treatment at home since that time as per the doctor’s advice. He asked for blessings from the countrymen including party leaders and workers for immediate recovery.

The Department of Health has instructed doctors, nurses and other health workers to use ID cards in emergency lockdowns to prevent coronavirus infections.

The directive was issued on Monday (April 19) morning.

Strict steps have been taken to implement the government’s directive to implement the lockdown from last Wednesday (April 14). For this, no one will be allowed to come out of the house without a ‘movement pass’, police said. However, the government has said that doctors will be out of the ban. Even after this, the doctors became the victims of unnecessary harassment. A recent post has gone viral on social media.

A medical officer of Kuwait Bangladesh Maitri Government Hospital was harassed at the police check post even after introducing himself as a doctor. He shared his ’embarrassing’ experience on Facebook. Another doctor made the same complaint. He also mentioned in the status given on Facebook that he was fined on his way from Munshiganj to a hospital in Panthapath of the capital. In this context, the instructions to use the ID card of doctors, nurses and other health workers came from the Department of Health.