May 17, 2021


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Sonargaon OC Rafiqul was sent to retire

Hefazat leader Mamunul Haque’s resort-after the incident, Narayanganj Sonargaon police officer in charge lost his job. The government has sent Rafiqul Islam to retire in advance. The Public Security Department of the Home Ministry has issued a notification in this regard on Monday.

The circular, signed by Dhananjay Kumar Das, deputy secretary of the ministry’s public security department, said Rafiqul Islam had retired on the completion of his 25-year term in accordance with the provisions of section 45 of the Public Service Act, 2016.

Hefazat-e-Islam joint secretary general Mamunul Haque was surrounded by local Awami League activists when he went to a resort in Sonargaon on April 3 with a woman. Mamunul Haque claimed the woman as his second wife. At one stage of the commotion, the police came to the spot.

Later, in the presence of the police, the leaders and activists of Hifazat-e-Islam attacked Mamunul Haque and took him away. At that time they carried out extensive vandalism in the resort. The next day, Rafiqul Islam was removed from the post of officer-in-charge of Sonargaon police station and attached to Narayanganj police lines. Now no one has confirmed whether there is any involvement in the incident behind his retirement.
The Bangladesh Police Service Association has claimed that Associate Professor Sayeda Shawkat of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University (BSMMU) behaved rudely with the police working in the field while implementing the government order to prevent corona infection.

The Bangladesh Police Service Association issued the statement in the wake of an incident at a security checkpoint on Elephant Road on Sunday. On that day, the executive magistrate and the police stopped the car of a doctor and wanted to see his identity card. A video captured from the scene at the time quickly spread on social media. In the video, the doctor is heard talking in an excited manner. Quickly two sides were formed through social media.

One party claims the doctor was deliberately harassed. He had an order to work at the hospital during the lockdown, was wearing an apron and had a hospital sticker affixed to the car. The other side claims that the doctor addressed the executive magistrate and the police as ‘you’ and insulted them.

In a statement, the association demanded that appropriate action be taken against the doctors for allegedly violating the valid orders of their ministry and misbehaving with magistrates and police. The statement was signed by the president of the association and Dhaka Metropolitan Police Commissioner Moha. Shafiqul Islam and General Secretary of the Association and Superintendent of Police of Narayanganj Mohammad Zaidul Alam.

On the other hand, the Bangladesh Medical Association (BMA), the apex body of doctors, in a letter to the Home Minister on Monday demanded that the doctors involved in the harassment on Elephant Road be identified and brought under departmental punishment. The organization also requested that measures be taken in consultation with high-ranking law enforcement officials to avoid such activities in the future.

BMA President Mostafa Jalal Mohiuddin and Secretary General. Ihteshamul Haque Chowdhury has signed the letter. They wrote that the doctor’s car had a sticker of the organization and he was wearing a gown with his name written on it. Even after introducing himself, he was subjected to aggressive interrogation, harassment and harassment. People all over the country have seen that scene.

The BMA further wrote in the letter, “Even after giving so many identities to the doctors, such behavior of the law enforcement agencies in the name of movement pass and institutional ID card is not desirable in any way.” There is no evidence that any vehicle with stickers written by the secretariat or the police or journalists has been stopped or stopped anywhere. ‘ Doctors and health workers are panicking and frustrated because of this harassment.

Police members want to see the identity card of the BSMMU doctor who was in a private car during the mobile court operation in Lockdown. Excited at this time, he got involved in an argument with the police and the executive magistrate. On Elephant Road on Sunday
Police members want to see the identity card of the BSMMU doctor who was in a private car during the mobile court operation in Lockdown. Excited at this time, he got involved in an argument with the police and the executive magistrate. Elephant Roads on Sunday: Dipu Malakar
The Bangladesh Doctors Foundation (BDF) on Monday sent a letter to the Home Ministry seeking redress. In the letter, the BDF demanded an investigation into who or what made the whole incident viral. He also sought the cooperation of law enforcement agencies so that doctors could go to work without any hindrance. The Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University (BSMMU) branch of the Swadhinata Chikitsak Parishad also issued a statement.

The police service association said in a statement on Monday that a doctor had been asked to show his identity card to confirm his identity. At this time he treated the wise executive magistrates and members of the police in a very disgusting manner. This behavior is not desirable to a professional and conscious citizen. He not only insulted those policemen, but also mocked and insulted the entire police force.

The statement further said that in the notification of the Department of Health dated April 14, all the officers and employees involved in emergency health care, medical services and other activities must use the official identity card.

Rates were instructed. He disobeyed the directive and violated the orders of his ministry by not identifying the law enforcement agencies.

Police say 91 policemen have been killed and more than 20,000 injured in Corona so far. At the risk of their own lives, the police are working on the streets for hours, ignoring the pressure to save people’s lives. Everyone’s cooperation is needed in this situation. They also hoped that everyone would cooperate in the work of the police in the interest of the country, to save the lives of the people and to get rid of the Corona horror.