May 8, 2021


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The Awami League is not good at whip rule

Leaders and activists of Awami League, Juba League and other party organizations are not doing well in the state of Jatiya Sangsad Whip and Chittagong Patia MP Shamsul Haque Chowdhury. When the whip and his son Nazmul Haque Chowdhury protested against Sharun’s misdeeds or disagreed with him, the father-son forces started torturing him in a medieval manner. The case was given. From the veteran Awami League leader to the BCL leaders and activists, no one is left out of their wrath. Chittagong South District Awami League leader Selim Nabi said, ‘Shamsul Haque and his son Sharun have started massacre in Patiya. Someone from the Awami League family is constantly being attacked and sued. Protesting against their misdeeds, I was given a case of mobile theft. Sharon has been najehal more than once.

Nasir Uddin, former general secretary of Patia Upazila Awami League, said, “In 2016, there was a dispute with Shamsul Haque over the council of the Upazila Awami League. Since then, my family and I have been plagued by lawsuits and attacks. Not only my family, but all those who have gone against his views in Patia are being harassed by lawsuits and attacks. ‘Jamir Uddin, former joint-secretary of Patia Upazila Chhatra League, said,’ Shamsul Haque’s joining the Awami League from Jatiya Party I did. After being elected as an MP, due to disagreement, one case after another has been filed against me. In the meantime, 28 cases have been filed against me. My three brothers, four nephews and two nephews have also been sued. Four servants of my house and two CNG taxi drivers were not spared from the wrath of the whip. ‘

According to the investigation, Shamsul Haque Chowdhury concentrated on forming his own constituency after being elected MP from Patia constituency. At that time Shamsul Haque started rehabilitating the leaders and workers of BNP-Jamaat instead of the resigned leaders and workers of Awami League. The apostate leaders and workers of Awami League opposed his action. After a dispute with local Awami League leaders and activists, Shamsul began pursuing lawsuits and attacks. In the last five years, Whip Shamsul Haque and his son Nazmul Haque Chowdhury have been attacked and prosecuted by hundreds of leaders and activists of Awami League, Juba League, Chhatra League and other organizations. Many of them leave the area again to save lives. Among the cases filed are theft cases as well as arson cases of the BNP. A case of mobile theft and snatching of Tk 6,000 was filed against Chittagong South District Awami League leader Selim Nabi for protesting against the misdeeds. A fight case was filed against Nasir Uddin, former general secretary of Patia Upazila Awami League. Former joint-secretary of Patia Upazila Chhatra League Jamir Uddin was given 26 cases including snatching, extortion and kidnapping. Dakshin Zila Swechchhasebak League has filed a case against Nazim Uddin, co-freedom fighter affairs secretary. Patia Upazila Krishak League general secretary Abu Syed, former member of Upazila Juba League Saiful Islam Saifu, South District Volunteer League leader Jamshed Hiru, Patia Municipality Ward Juba League president Mir Abdul Awal were charged with vandalism. A case of vandalism and fight was filed against Mobasher Alam, general secretary of Bangabandhu Shishu Kishore Mela and Mahbub Alam, finance secretary. A case of arson was filed against Saifur Azam Runel, former vice-president of Patia Government College Chhatra League. A case of vandalism and kidnapping was filed against Saifuddin Bhola, vice-president of Patia Municipality National Workers League. Veteran Awami League leaders Bazal Ahmed, Mohammad Ishaq, Patia Awami League leaders Mohammad Kamal, Rabiul Hossain Apel, Mohammad Obaidullah and Municipal Awami League leader Noman Sarwar Dulal were not left out of the case due to the anger of the whip and his son. Cases have been filed against the leaders and workers as well as the family members of the leaders and workers. Among the families of the victims is the family of Jamir Uddin, former joint-secretary of Patia Upazila Chhatra League. Jamir’s brother Mohammad Raihan, Abdur Rahman, nephew Mohammad Asad, Mohammad Imrul, Mohammad. Irad has also been made an accused in the case.