May 8, 2021


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The two paradises were contract wife, claimed Mamunul Haque!

Apart from the first marriage, Maulana Mamunul Haque, the joint secretary general of Hefazat, had contracted the two Jannats on a contractual basis. Mamunul has demanded the people involved in the investigation that he got married to the two divorcees only to give financial guarantee. He said that if he had admitted the Royal Resort scandal at the beginning, he would have thought that his first wife Amena Tayyab would have caused a big scandal. For this reason he did not accept immediately. Mamunul said this along with many other important information on the first day of interrogation after his arrest. However, the police will soon call the witnesses of the two alleged marriages for questioning. At the same time, he will be interrogated on remand for alleged incitement to violence, as well as other matters.

Hefazat leader Mamunul Haque was arrested along with a woman named Jannat Ara Jharna at a resort in Sonargaon on April 3. At that time he claimed Jharna as his second wife but his name was Amena Tayyaba. A few days later, Bangladesh published a news every day under the headline “Search for Mamunul’s second paradise …”. One day after the second paradise, the woman’s brother named Jannatul Ferdous. Shahjahan kept a general diary at Mohammadpur police station. There he called Mamunul to Jamia Rahmania Arabia Madrasa and claimed that he had married his sister. However, he could not show any cabinet letter.

After his arrest on Sunday afternoon, Mamunul Haque was kept at Tejgaon police station but was handed over to the detective police at night. Police remanded him in custody for seven days for questioning yesterday. However, many are saying that the responsibility of investigating the case will be given to the Detective Branch (DB).
However, Harun Aur Rashid, deputy commissioner of the Tejgaon division of the police, said Mamunul had been kept in the intelligence office only for security reasons. My officers are going there and interrogating me. I will be interrogating myself on Tuesday (today).

He added that so far Mamunul has not been able to show any evidence in favor of the other two marriages except the first one. Even the names of the marriage witnesses are being delayed. We are working on the GD of Shahjahan, the brother of the second paradise.

Citing the information claimed by Mamunul, the people involved in the investigation say that he married the two Jannats according to the Shariah on the condition that he could not give his wife full rights. He decides to keep her in the dark for fear that his first wife will not be able to accept his subsequent marriages. However, he married his first wife in accordance with the Shariah and customary law. However, there is no cabinet letter even though the two have demanded marriage to Jannat. He took over his guardianship after the separation of the first Jannat i.e. Jannat Ara Jharna. At this time he claimed that he married Jannat on the verbal condition that he could not give the status of a full wife. Mamunul Haque’s claim, Jannat Ara accepted his condition. For two years he provided capital for business and technical education in addition to feeding Jannat Ara. He got acquainted with Jannatul Ferdousi while studying at the Asian University. He later became involved with her in a good friendly relationship. At one stage, after divorcing her first husband Saidur Rahman of Gazipur, she also took charge of her. Apart from marriage, Mamunul also arranged his job. However, Mamunul remained silent in answering the question as to why the families of the two paradises were kept in the dark.

Mamunul had said about the Royal Resort that he had not met Jannat for nine months due to his busy schedule. Jannat kept telling him to give her time. April 3 his b. It was supposed to grow. But b. As his stay was canceled, he picked up Jannat in his car from the front of Green Life Hospital on Green Road in the morning and left for the Royal Resort in Narayanganj to spend some time alone with Jannat. The owner of the Royal Resort is known to his ex. An official involved in the investigation, who did not want to be named, said Mamunul was trying to avoid answering many questions. He is trying to avoid the question of where the economic flow of custody comes from. But he may not be able to. I just got remand. Let’s see. However, behind the reckless violence across the country was the provocation of the top leaders of Hefazat, among whom was Mamunul Haque. Although multiple cases were filed in these cases, none of the top leaders of Hefazat were named in the case.