May 17, 2021


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This is like a death procession, Bangabir Kader Siddiqui Biruttam

Hefazat leader Mamunul Haque has finally been arrested. Now it remains to be seen what the government will do. However, they seem to have realized that the government has not done so well by keeping Hefazat on the ground.

Death is one of the ultimate truths of the living world. There is no absolute truth other than death. No one is spared from being born and dying. But sometimes some deaths are quite moving. This week was a death march for me. On 11 April, Mamtaz Khan Pathan, the only Pathan fighter of the Kaderia forces, passed away. He was of full age. But he had to leave the world with great negligence and misery. Mamtaz Khan Pathan was a one-leaf trader in the seventies. At that time he had a business worth lakhs of rupees. Mumtaz Khan’s leaf business was within the free zone. On the first day, his people declared solidarity with the liberation war. He was in Dhaka then. A few days later he also declared solidarity and jumped into the war of liberation. That is why Bangabandhu loved him very much. As the only Pathan freedom fighter, he wrote a personal letter to him. There is no record of how many times he has appeared. Because of his participation in the war of liberation on behalf of Bangladesh, he was identified in Pakistan as a traitor, a traitor, deprived of all resources. Khyber still has billions of rupees worth of land owned by his family and billions of rupees worth of business. Despite all this, he passed away like a nameless helpless person in Bangladesh, he did not get any respect.

Birbikram Sabur Khan is a man of colorful character. He came to Tangail from Matlab in Chandpur at a very young age. How the rice fell into the hands of Amjad Khan. She raised him like a child. Then he went to Huzur Maulana Abdul Hamid Khan Bhasani. He was an excellent road mason in his career. I have never seen such a talented road mason in my life. Even the BSc engineers who passed could not cope with it. After independence we were repairing the destroyed bridges of Dhaka-Tangail. Extreme complications arose with the rod binding of the girder of the Pakulya Bridge. Abdus Samad Pakulya, the then communications secretary, came to inspect the work with some people including the chief engineer of Rhodes and Highways. Abdus Sabur Khan gets angry when the engineers catch Birbikram’s mistake. Communications Secretary Samad Saheb also said he could not calm him down. I didn’t know how to read design then. The chief engineer said the rod was less tied. Sabur Khan’s clear answer, there was no mistake in tying the pattern. She is a huge excitement. Sabur, who never looked me in the face and never spoke, was so agitated by the two or four slaps from the chief engineer and the secretary that it was difficult for me to handle him. In fact their stabbing was really hard. The educated gentlemen said, ‘One letter does not know how to read and argue with us about design! It is not right to work with such uneducated people. Exclude these people. ‘I was also a little shocked by Sabur’s use. But he didn’t seem to be wrong. Three or four days passed. Communications Secretary Samad Saheb suddenly called,
-Sir, I want to come to your Tangail house to eat.

– Well, come on. What’s the problem?

– Sir, if you don’t mind, you can include Mr. Sabur Khan in this invitation.

– All right, I’ll keep it.

After four or five days, about 12 of them came. Mr. Samad with two joint secretaries, with the chief engineer and all the engineers. Mr. Samad sat down to eat and said, ‘Sir, it would be better if Mr. Sabur Khan also sat with us. Sabur Khan was like my child. He sat down as soon as he spoke. On our behalf Abu Mohammad Enayet Karim, Ranjit Kant Sarkar, Ballar Nazrul, Kauljani’s Abdul Halim, Chapaya Bangal Moazzem Hossain Khan and a few others. I think there will be about 50 people at the table. At the beginning of the meal, Mr. Samad said, “Sir, if you allow me, I would like to say a few words before the meal.” “We have no reason to come. We have come to apologize for the bad words we said to Mr. Sabur Khan that day. According to the design, Mr. Sabur Khan is right, we are wrong. I bragged about education. That is why we have come to apologize to him. I hope he will forgive us and give you a chance to eat this food. ‘As much as Sabur was proud to hear Mr. Samad’s words, he was ashamed and said what could not be said even for many wise-educated people.

I did not know this Sabur Khan. During the attack on Tangail Circuit House at the beginning of the war of liberation, my elder brother Latif Siddiqui brought Sabur Khan to me. Then the hooligan Nazrul of Dighulia was shot dead in Tangail. Even after that, Sabur Khan was in the forefront in occupying the circuit house and other works. After the Satyachara retreated in the war, I took Sabur Khan with arms and went to Maricha-Bagherbari in Sakhipur and kept arms near Barchaona Idris. Then I visited Haluaghat-Phulpur-Mymensingh-Jamalpur and said goodbye to everyone and went to Fazlud’s house in Upaldiya with only Farooq from Sylhet. From there, after visiting various places in Char-Bhar-Paharujangal, when I collected the first freedom fighters at Sakhipur school ground, two days later, Sabur Khan came to join Barni in Basail. I have never seen such a brave, sharp-witted warrior or commander. After that we achieved great success by suddenly attacking the invaders in Charan. Then the battle of Balla. There he showed unimaginable courage. First of all, Abdus Sabur and Abdul Malek brought the bodies of the Pakistani invaders while swimming in the river. Then the war continued. Commander means Sabur Khan Bir Bikram and brave warrior means Abdullah Bir Pratik. The water of Padma-Meghna-Jamuna-Dhaleshwari flows a lot. That was almost the last stage of the war. Eat patiently

Then the commander of a few hundred warriors. On 2 December the invading base at Nagarpur was attacked and could not be captured. In the middle our team thought I fell in front of the attacking team. When the mistake was made we had no way back. I ran back and fell into the deep water. I had a heavy British LMG in my hand. I could not cross with LMG. I was drowning again and again. Sabur realized and shouted, ‘Sir, I understand, let go, let go. I left the LMG to save myself. I never gave up arms in the war of liberation. I mourned the loss of my child. But if I was a minute or two late, I would have lost my life along with Sabur and 10-12 other freedom fighters. I came 2-3 miles back from the battlefield and lay down with a tired body. Not eaten since morning. I was hungry. When I brought pantabhat with chilli-onion from the house next door, Sabur saw that I was not eating it and said, ‘Sir, you put rice in your mouth. I will bring your LMG at night. ‘Despite many insistences, Sabur could not eat that day. But he brought that LMG by 9 pm. Sabur never broke his word. I went to see him last four or five months ago. Not to say that the key was happy. This time Tangail District Krishak Sramik Janata League was celebrating the year of surrendering arms of Kaderia Bahini in the hands of Bangabandhu on 24 January ’72. Just as Tangail district Awami League president Fazlur Rahman Khan Farooq was the chief guest, Sabur Khan Birbikram presided over the function. Sabur left. On the 13th, Tangail Bindubasini could not attend his janaza prayers at the school ground. That was my existence, part of the body. What a misfortune I could not attend his janaza! Sabur is survived by his wife and several children. May they all live in peace and may Allah make him dwell in heaven.

Abdul Matin Khasru, another beloved philanthropist, passed away that day after being attacked by Corona. How many memories, how many words with Abdul Matin Khasru. I did not know Matin Khasru before ’75. After returning to the country in ’90, I went to his constituency Burichang several times to hold meetings. Abdul Matin was an employee of Khasru Latif Bhai. He was very respectful. When I was the law minister in ’96, I asked Matin Khasru to make Advocate Suhrawardy the PP of Tangail. Veteran public leader Mannan Bhai may have spoken of someone else. Matin Khasru told Mannan Bhai, ‘Leader, I do not have the power to disobey you. But if the only leader who has made such a request for PP in Tangail does not say so, I will not be able to reject his request. ‘ Was very sincere, was smiling. Even after the formation of Krishak Sramik Janata League after leaving Awami League, there have been many contacts. I even went to his house in Bakshibazar. His wife kept many cows. His house was always full of milk. There was no shortage of poultry. I can’t explain what he used to feed with care. How many times he has been seen in the High Court, he would not leave without sitting in his chamber. Rumin Farhana was then his assistant. Oli Ahad brother’s daughter, big beautiful use. I called a couple of days after the last Abdul Matin Khasru was elected President of the Bangladesh Supreme Court Bar Association. Then I called again and again for about five-seven days in a row. But there was no response. Later I got the news that he was infected with corona. Then I thought maybe that’s why I didn’t get a response. A good man, a man to depend on, left. May Allah make him dwell in heaven and give his family the strength to bear this grief.

Sweet-faced Kabari Sarwar, the best heroine in the world of Bangladesh, passed away. So in 1984, Subhash Dutt brought in the film. The name was Meena Pal. There was a great response in the East Pakistani cinema world at that time. I hear a lot of evaluations about him, I hear a lot of things. It’s good that everyone didn’t forget him. But the best contribution of his life was liberation war in my eyes. His role in the liberation war is unique. Many may have forgotten that at the beginning of the war of liberation, a heartwarming interview was aired on Akashvani between the wife of Calcutta Pakistan Deputy High Commissioner Hossain Ali and the best heroine of the time, Kabari. There was no performance of Kabari Kanna. Her tears moved the whole nation, and so did I. She had strength in her tears, she had patriotism in her tears. The whole world knew about the brutal massacre of the Pakistani invaders in Dhaka through the cries of the gravediggers. The whole of India was stunned. In my eyes, that was the best deed of Kabari. I never thought I would meet Kabari and get acquainted. But what a surprise! After independence, he also became close friends with my younger sister-in-law. Gradually became like family members. When I was in exile after the assassination of Bangabandhu, Kabari did not seem to be different from her younger sister Rahima-Shushu-Shahana. I also used to see Kabari. My younger sisters would sometimes hug me and I would get the same pleasure. The last meeting was at a wedding in Narayanganj. I was coming out, Kobari was just entering. When he saw me getting out of the car, he greeted me with his hands and feet and hugged me like little sisters. How are I, how is the body, how are the children, how is the future, he said in one breath. Kabari’s husband Babu Sarwar was also my biggest fan. In a word, as much as we loved the Zoha family, Nasim-Nasim’s wife Parveen-Shamim and everyone else loved me more than her. Kabari’s death has moved me a lot. May Allah make him dwell in heaven, give strength to those close to him to bear this grief.

On that day, Moniruzzaman Bulbul, the one-time BNP general secretary of Tangail, suddenly passed away. Bulbul’s house on District Sadar Road. A b

Lidding picked up and rented. Occasionally he would sit in front of the house. When he saw her, he would run and greet her. The bulbul of Baniyar is also our relative. Much younger than me, but gone.

When I woke up that day, I got the news that the heroic freedom fighter Narinder Badsha had passed away. Ruman’s father Badshah had visited India at least 15 times during the war of liberation, carrying our letters, arms and ammunition from India and freedom fighters. American expatriate originally started contact with India. Nurunnabi, Bachet Siddiqui MP, Lutfar of Sarishabari and Nurul Islam of Pardighulia. Mr. Nurul Islam, Moazzem Hossain Khan and this king used to bring all the news and ammunition from India. However, Kaderia’s forces seized the invaders’ ships in August and built up a large arsenal. Even after that Badshah was our ambassador to India. We used to call him ‘Foreign Minister’ during the war. Captain Peter, the only member of the Indian Army, was brought in to keep in touch with the combined forces. Captain Peter played an extraordinary role in the war of liberation. Afflicted with the scourge of poverty, the king has left us half-starved. May Allah grant peace to his disembodied soul and make him dwell in heaven.

On the first day of Ramadan, one of our party leaders, Dr. Fulbaria. Abdur Razzak Raja has passed away. He had tea and talked with the party workers in the afternoon of the previous day. He even ate sahri to fast. But in the morning he is no more. What a human life! It is not good at all to think that one who does not have faith in a moment, to hurt people outside the will of Allah, to think of himself as something big. I pray to Allah Almighty – Dr. May Abdur Razzak make Raja Mia a heavenly being and give his family the strength to mourn.