May 16, 2021


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Anxiety about children in Corona The death and infection rate is increasing, 40 people have died

The number of children infected with coronavirus is increasing. Death is also increasing. So far, 40 children have died of coronavirus. Children are less likely to be infected than those of other ages. But in the second wave, that number is also going up.

On April 2, two-year-old Sadikul died of coronavirus in Chuadanga. He died at Chuadanga Sadar Hospital. Sadikul’s father Saddam Hussein said that Sadiqul was suffering from kidney problems. He was admitted to Dhaka Children’s Hospital on March 20. In case of excessive shortness of breath, the corona sample is tested on March 26 and the report is positive. He was brought to Chuadanga from Dhaka on March 29 and admitted to Corona Ward of Sadar Hospital. Sadiqul later died at the hospital. According to the Department of Health, one child died on April 11. A total of 6 people died that day. Of these, 47 were in their sixties. Since then, 18 people between the ages of 51 and 60 have died. One child died on April 5. On that day 52 people died due to corona. Among the dead were 32 people in their sixties. Outbreaks of coronavirus in children were consistently low throughout the epidemic. However, the fight between those who have been infected and the whole family is more difficult than that of an adult patient. Some studies are claiming that the new type of coronavirus that has been discovered in recent times is much more risky for children.

Experts claim that about one-third of pediatric Kavid-19 patients were asymptomatic. However, some of the symptoms that have been seen are different from those of adult patients. Children, on the other hand, spread the virus for a long time. So children need to be kept more secure to ensure both the child and their own safety. The virus enters the body through the respiratory tract in children as well as adults. As a result, symptoms like ‘dry cough’, sore throat etc. are seen. If a mild fever occurs, there is a strong risk that his corona will be positive. If the throat is stuck and water starts coming through the nose, then the suspicion of being infected with ‘Cavid-19’ will not be unfounded. In such cases, it is important to look for other symptoms of coronavirus infection. These symptoms were seen at the beginning of the epidemic. Dangerous signs such as unexpected rashes on different parts of the skin, infections of the small blood vessels of the skin, swelling of the fingers or toes, etc. In such a situation, you need to consult a doctor quickly. Symptoms of pain due to infection are less common in children. However, headaches are more common in children, which can be quite unbearable. Headaches are found in about 14 percent of adults, but 55 percent of children. And all of them come to the corona test ‘positive’. Prime Minister’s personal physician and UGC Professor. ABM Abdullah said, ‘Everyone needs to be aware to survive the coronavirus. But children and adults need to be a little more aware. Older people already have some problems like high blood pressure and diabetes. And even if the children feel sick, they may not be able to explain it to the parents. ‘