May 17, 2021


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Daytime killer

May 5, 2000 A young man of 26-28 years came and stood in front of the house of Mohammadpur Reveals at 7 am. Wear jeans, print shirt. Random hair. Shouted and called Revel. Who is shouting so early in the morning? Revel’s mother came and stood on the verandah muttering. Said Revelato is asleep. The young man said very politely, ‘Khalamma needs Revel very much.’ Mother called Revel knowingly. Revel woke up and went out of the house to meet the young man. Speaking of which, he moved forward. After going some distance, the young man went to a quiet place and took a pistol out of his pocket. Revel didn’t understand anything.

He could not sleep from his eyes. Before he knew it, the young man was holding a pistol to his chest. Then finger pressure on the trigger. Two rounds in a row. Revel fell a few hands away after falling backwards. The bullets ripped through the Revel. Bloody Revel falls into the gutter. The young man was blown away before the people around him became suspicious.

Exactly half an hour later, the young man went back to the Revelers’ house. This time he needs Revel’s elder brother Jewel. Call Jewel. Jewel comes out. The two of them move forward to talk. Go to the front street and take a slight left turn. The young man was rolling his eyes as he spoke. Nah, no one anywhere. This time he did not let Jewel understand anything. On the street, Jewel’s body was aimed at a pistol and several rounds were fired. Bloody jewels are lying on the street. The crow started calling Ka Ka at the sound of shots. Panic all around. People went to look for the source of the sound and found Jewel on the street. Raising the pistol in his hand, the young man ran away. In Mohammadpur, a young man called from his home half an hour apart and shot dead two brothers in a filmy style. It is also rare in the case history of the police that a single killer escapes with two cold heads in a row. The state of sleep deprivation of the police then. The murder spread like wildfire across the country, including the capital. Ordinary people are terrified at the thought that such cold-headed killers are roaming freely in the capital. The police can’t catch him either. Dhaka Metropolitan Detective Police is investigating the case of double murder. Only Kamal Pasha’s murder style would have been different. Such a cold-headed killer does not match very well. Kamal Pasha, the killer of the twin murders, was confirmed by the police after seeing the type of twin murders. Police later confirmed that the killer was Kamal Pasha, the top terrorist in the capital’s underworld. The government had announced the value of his head while he was a fugitive. This formidable terrorist fell ill and died while incarcerated. Despite one film-style murder after another, his family has been claiming from the beginning that their child is mentally ill. Kamal Pasha was also treated for mental problems. Since the family’s claim, Kamal Pasha has been known in the underworld as ‘Pagla Pasha’. Kamal Pasha liked to kill during the day. He often told his associates that they could be attacked in different ways during the day. The death of the opponent can be seen with his own eyes. I think there is peace! A person close to Kamal Pasha said that Pasha was afraid of the dark. That’s why murders happen during the day. Every one of the murders that Pasha has committed is adventurous. He loved to kill in filmy style. His name was spread as a hired killer. Most of the murder charges against him were leased. Two murders were sentenced to death. Shamim and Mamun were killed in Agargaon in April 1996. The development of top terrorists led to the murder of this pair. But Kamal Pasha was the killer. The double murder took place under the leadership of Kamal Pasha. Basically, the Shamim-Mamun twin murders are the handcuffs of his murderers. On May 22, 1997, Kamal Pasha shot and killed contractor Ashiq Iqbal at Shahbagh PG Hospital (now Bangabandhu Medical University). The killings took place around noon with Kamal Pasha and his accomplice Rashed Mostafa alias Ratan. After Ashiq Iqbal was shot dead, the two of them fled in a baby taxi. Kamal Pasha held a pistol in front of hundreds of people. He had a pistol in his hand even after getting into the baby taxi. A police sergeant risked his life to stop the baby taxi in front of the Sonargaon Hotel. The two were arrested with the help of local people. Two pistols and 20 rounds of ammunition were recovered. Detained Kamal Pasha was released on bail. He then shot and killed a man in Uttara in early 2000. Shortly afterwards, two brothers Ashraf Hossain Jewel (26) and Mohammad Ali Revel (24) were called from their home and killed. Kamal Pasha shouted. In that situation, Kamal Pasha killed a businessman in Banani. During the BNP coalition government, the list of 23 top terrorists was published and the award was announced. A reward of Tk 1 lakh was announced for capturing Kamal Pasha. Later, Kamal Pasha’s father handed him over to the police. His death sentence has already been announced in the case of the murder of two brothers.