May 17, 2021


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Mamunul remanded for seven days

Hefazat-e-Islam joint secretary general Mamunul Haque, who was arrested in a case of mobile theft at Mohammadpur police station in the capital, has been remanded in custody for seven days. Dhaka Metropolitan Magistrate Devdas Chandra Adhikari issued the remand order yesterday. Earlier, the investigation officer of the case Mohammadpur police SI said. Sajedul Haque produced the accused in court and requested for remand for seven days.

At that time, he first prayed for a seven-day remand for Dhaka Metropolitan Public Prosecutor Abdullah Abu Asami on behalf of the state. Later, Zainul Abedin Mezba applied for bail on behalf of the accused. Later, Judge Mamunul Haque wanted to know if he had anything to say.

Then Mamunul Haque told the court, ‘Sir, the place where I was arrested and kept yesterday is not a place to stay. Worship cannot be done in such places. In other Ramadans, I regularly recite the Qur’an. Sending me on remand will not create a conducive environment and it will be difficult for me to worship. I have been interrogated a lot since my arrest. Don’t remand me. I don’t know anything about this case. ”After the hearing, the judge directed the state to ensure that the worship of Mamunul is not disrupted. According to the remand application, Maulana Mamunul Haque, joint secretary general of Hifazat-e-Islam, and his brother and other accused stole a Samsung A-50 model mobile phone, Tk 8,000 in cash, 200 US dollars and a BRAC Bank debit card from the plaintiff. Earlier, Omar and Osman, students of Jamia Rahmania Arabia Madrasa, on the instructions of Mamunul Haque and his brother Mahfuzul Haque, prevented the plaintiff GM Alamgir Shahin and others from performing the act at the direction of Mamunul Haque and his brother Mahfuzul Haque. He hurt their religious feelings and told them to leave the mosque. At around 8.40 pm, the accused Omar, Osman, Shaheed, Maulana Anis and Zahir came to the mosque and punched the plaintiff and others who were with him. At the behest of Mamunul Haque and his brother, about 60-70 others from the madrasa came and beat them again. The accused took a Samsung mobile of GM Alamgir Shahin, Tk 6,000, 200 US dollars, a debit card of BRAC Bank and a wallet. Initially, evidence was found against Mamunul Haque in connection with the case. The accused incited Muslims and madrassa students through various anti-state statements by hurting religious sentiments. There are several cases against the accused in different police stations of Bangladesh. The accused needs to be remanded for seven days for proper investigation of the case, arrest of other accused fugitives, collection of names and addresses of unidentified accused and recovery of stolen goods after identifying them. According to the lawsuit, the accused had beaten the group randomly and severely injured them. He also stole a Samsung A50 model mobile phone, Rs 6,000 in cash, US ২০০ 200, a debit card from BRAC Bank and a wallet. Threatened while leaving. Besides, the accused deliberately disturbed and incited religious activities. GM Alamgir Shahin, a resident of B / 1 flat, 41/40, Chan Mia Housing, Mohammadpur, filed a case on March 8.
Statement of 55 Alems: In the name of justice on the charge of strike-sabotage, 55 Alems-Ulamas have called upon the government to keep a watchful eye on the issue so that no innocent person should be subjected to unnecessary harassment. In a joint statement issued yesterday, they called for the real culprits to be brought to justice. At the beginning of Ramadan, the government is arresting and remanding the country’s clerics and madrasa teachers en masse. This behavior of the government is very inhuman and sad. Innocent scholars, teachers and students have been arrested across the country in the last few days. We condemn it. The speakers are Mufti Noor Alam, Maulana Abdullah Al Mamun, Maulana Sarwar Alam, Maulana Deen Mohammad, Maulana Nurul Azim, Maulana Jobayer Ahmad, Maulana Rezaul Karim, Maulana Solaiman, Maulana Mizanur Rahman, Maulana Faridul.