May 8, 2021


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Indigenous method, success in Sammam cultivation

For the first time in Akhaura, Brahmanbaria, sammam fruit from the desert region of Saudi Arabia has been cultivated commercially. At the same time Bangla Link variety of watermelon has also been cultivated. In the meantime, many people are flocking from far and wide every day to see the Sammam fruit and watermelon cultivation project and to know about the new fruit. Many are getting inspired to see the new fruit. Concerned people think that the yield of sammam fruit and watermelon has improved due to good quality seeds and efficient care.

In Adampur village of Mogra union of the upazila, about 15 bighas of land was cultivated in the native way under the name of Sammam Fruit and Bangla Link. Mustakim and Amjad Hossain of Madhabpur in Habiganj. In the first year of cultivation, those two farmers got great success. If there is no natural calamity and the weather is favorable, they are likely to make a profit of over Rs 4 lakh excluding all expenses from the sale of whole fruits and watermelons. It is known that sammam is a nutritious and sweet fruit of Saudi Arabia. In the meantime, the sammam fruit has become very popular among the local people. The outer part of the fruit is yellow and the inner part is red. Within two-and-a-half months of sowing, the sammam tree bears fruit. The fruit ripens in three months. This fruit can be cultivated in the soil of the land and by making macha. Local agriculture officials say the fruit controls human body temperature. It contains sufficient amount of beta carotene, which is 20 percent more than orange. In addition, it contains a lot of vitamin C. As a result. There is also potassium, folic acid, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, copper, manganese, melanium etc. Md. Adampur village of the upazila. Mostakim and Amjad Hossain leased 26 bighas of land on an annual contract to plant a variety of vegetables, including fruits and watermelons. There Mother Doa built a farm called Multipurpose Agricultural Project. In that agricultural project, Sammam fruit was planted on 2.5 bighas of land and watermelon on 12 bighas of land in the native way. In the rest of the land they cultivate various types of vegetables. As there is an agricultural project on the side of the road, it is attracting the attention of everyone. In the meantime, the sale of all fruits and watermelons has started. On the one hand, they are taking care of the trees and on the other hand, they are busy cutting watermelon and sammam fruits. However, wholesalers have already started coming from different places as the profit from these two results is higher. From here they are buying and selling in different parts of the country. Farmers are very happy to get good price in sale. Farmer said. Amjat Hossain said that although the sammam fruit was originally from Saudi Arabia, they collected seeds from Dhaka and planted the seedlings in the local way through various technologies. About 15,000 seedlings of Bangla Link variety of watermelon were planted on 2.5 bighas of land and 12 bighas of land. 15 per cent land can be made with 10 grams of seeds per sammam fruit. Similarly watermelon. Irrigation, seed, sapling planting, land lease, care, fertilizer and other expenses for cultivating watermelon and sammam on about 15 bighas of land cost them around Tk 6 lakh. In the meantime, fruits worth Rs 1.5 lakh have been sold. And watermelon has been sold for 50 thousand rupees. He hopes that most of the fruits and watermelons of the land will be sold within the next one week. In all, the total fruit will be sold for more than 4 lakh rupees. And watermelon will be sold for more than 6 lakh rupees. Apart from the cost, they are expecting an income of over Tk 4 lakh from these two fruits. Each sammam fruit weighs one and a half to two kg. He is selling at a wholesale price of Rs 150 and retail at Rs 180. Besides, watermelons are being sold at Rs 60 per kg. Upazila Assistant Agricultural Extension Officer. Zahirul Haque said that mainly sammam fruit is the most cultivated in Saudi Arabia. Our soil is suitable for cultivation. Farmers Mostakim and Amjad Hossain have got good success by cultivating watermelon and indigenous methods along with Sammam.