May 8, 2021


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Labor leader granted bail in digital security case in Khulna

A court has granted bail to Ruhul Amin, coordinator of the Workers-Farmers-Students-Janata Oikya Parishad, arrested under the Digital Security Act in Khulna. Metropolitan Sessions Judge Shahidul Islam granted bail on Monday (April 19). Defendant’s lawyer Akhter Jahan Ruku confirmed the information. It is learned that Ruhul Amin was arrested from the house of a cartoonist teenager in Goalkhali on the night of February 26. That night, the Metropolitan Detective (DB) Inspector of Police filed a case under the Digital Security Act in the name of Ruhul Amin. Nahid Hasan. In the case, he was accused of tarnishing the image of the state and spreading confusion through social media.

Sonargaon Police Officer-in-Charge (OC) Rafiqul Islam was recalled to the district police lines the day after the incident at the Royal Resort in Narayanganj. This time the OC lost his job. He has been sent on compulsory retirement.

The decision was announced in a notification of the Public Security Department of the Home Ministry on Monday afternoon. The reason given in the notification is that Rafiqul Islam was given retirement in the public interest as he has completed 25 years of service.

Hefazat’s joint secretary general Mamunul Haque took his alleged second wife to the Royal Resort in Sonargaon and was stopped by a local group. Upon receiving the news, the police and the assistant commissioner (land) went there.
Hundreds of Hefazat activists and students of the madrasa stormed the Royal Resort and snatched Mamunul Haque from the police. Hefazat leaders also lodged a complaint with the police on behalf of Mamunul, which was accepted by OC Rafiq.

A week-long lockdown is underway across the country to prevent coronavirus infection. Amid the ongoing lockdown, a scuffle broke out between doctors, police and magistrates on Elephant Road in the capital on Sunday. The Bangladesh Police Service Association has protested the incident.

On Monday afternoon, the president of the association and DMP commissioner Moha. The protest was announced in a press release signed by Shafiqul Islam and General Secretary and Narayanganj District Superintendent of Police Mohammad Zaidul Alam.

The statement said, “Some images of disrespectful behavior, harassment and non-cooperation towards the police personnel working in the field in the Elephant Road area of ​​Dhaka metropolis on April 16 in the implementation of the government order to prevent global coronary heart disease transmission have been disseminated through media and social media.” Which has come to the notice of the Bangladesh Police Service Association. A review of the incident revealed that during the checkpost in the presence of an executive magistrate and police at the spot, a doctor was asked to show his identity card to confirm his identity. But he treated the executive magistrate and members of the police with disrespect; Which is in no way desirable from a professional and conscious citizen. He not only insulted those policemen, but also mocked and insulted the entire police force; Which has appeared in the media. Not only that, he has behaved arrogantly in front of the police and executive magistrates by removing irrelevant identities by omitting the identity of his profession and trying to confront the professional organizations in front of the nation.
The statement further said that the circular issued by the health department on April 14 instructed all the officers and employees involved in emergency health care, medical services and other activities to use their official identity cards, but the doctor disobeyed and violated his ministry’s order by not giving his identity to law enforcement. ‘

‘The words that the doctor used during the argument with the executive magistrate and the police officers are very distasteful and shameful. What language he has applied to the officers of another profession by becoming a member of one profession has been propagated and published in various media. He addressed the on-duty policemen as Tui. “I’m showing you what I’m doing now, bastard,” he threatened.

‘The highest sacrifice of the Bangladesh Police Force is universally acknowledged at this critical time of the ongoing global epidemic, especially at every juncture of the nation, including the Great War of Liberation. So far, 91 policemen have been martyred in Corona while on duty and more than 20,000 have been injured. IGP said. Under the direction of Benazir Ahmed, every member of the police is determined to follow the proper instructions of the government in the interest of the motherland. At the risk of their own lives, the policemen are standing on the streets for hours in this intense heat of Boishakh. Due to the professional diversity, the cooperation of all concerned is required in carrying out this challenging task of the police. During the Corona period, everyone will cooperate with the police in the interest of the country and to save the lives of the people and to get rid of the horrors of Corona. That is our expectation. ”

The statement further said, “Bangladesh Police Service Association is always grateful for the continued work of doctors, nurses and health workers engaged in coronary epidemic in Bangladesh and in the treatment of people affected by coronary heart disease.” But every member of the Bangladesh Police is shocked by the unprofessional and distasteful behavior of a doctor towards the policemen while performing their professional duties. The Bangladesh Police Service Association strongly condemns and protests the incident. Becoming a member of a proud profession and treating members of another professional force with contempt and disrespectNever desirable. The Bangladesh Police Service Association is urging the concerned department to take appropriate action against the doctor for violating the valid orders of his ministry and disrespecting the duty executive magistrate and police. At the same time, it is reiterating its commitment to follow government guidelines in tandem with people of all walks of life to combat corona infection.