July 24, 2021


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UP member Nur Ali’s popularity is tomorrow

Mourning is going on at the house of UP member Nur Ali Sheikh of Shubhra village in Abhaynagar upazila of Jessore who was shot dead by miscreants. Relatives and locals claim that he was killed because of public service. The family alleges that the killings were carried out by members of their own party ahead of the upcoming UP elections.

Meanwhile, the police have taken three people into custody on suspicion of being involved in the incident. However, the police believe that the killing may have been due to personal enmity.

Nur Ali Sheikh, a member of ward number two of Shuvradha Union, and his son were on their way home on a motorcycle from Baburhat Bazar around 8pm on Sunday (March 8). Unidentified miscreants opened fire on them near the market on the way. Nur Ali was shot in the head and died on the spot. He was admitted to Khulna 250-bed General Hospital in critical condition after his son Ibrahim was shot three times in the body.

Relatives and locals claim that in the run-up to the upcoming UP elections, people of the same party have killed Nur Ali Sheikh with large sums of money.

Ruhul Amin Sheikh, brother of the deceased, said, “My brother was killed while doing public service.” He also told me yesterday morning that some people wanted to kill him. Murad and Musa both gave money together. Musa Gazi, Humayun Mollah went and brought money to Iqbal. I tell my brother to be careful. That was the last word with my brother. Musa Gazi wanted to stand as a member and he killed my brother.

He added that Nur Ali is a very popular UP member. There is no candidate to lose him in the future. Because this area was a terrorist area. After my brother was elected, the situation improved with various initiatives including night duty with everyone in the area. The robber would go and stand beside him. He used to help the poor with his own pocket money. Murad, the richest man in the area, doesn’t care about him. Murad caused unrest in the area. My brother was killed for being against him.

The victim’s wife said that Murad in our neighborhood had given four lakh rupees to the terrorists. Iqbal, Musha Ghazi, Humayun Mollah they killed my husband. He has been killed for standing in the party and voting. My husband is not to blame anymore. I want the killers hanged.

Locals claim that member Nur Ali Sheikh had to face the wrath of the party people because of his popularity.

A person named Ibrahim Ali said that Mr. Member was a very good man. We could not stay at home because of the terrorists in this area. The members have made the environment of the area better with everyone in the village. Peace prevailed in the area for three or four years. There are two groups in the Awami League. One group is a little criminal. This murder is for them today.

Another, Moktar Hossain, said a one-party dispute with Nur Ali lasted for 4-5 years. He was one-sided in the upazila election. There is also trouble with this. I think there was a murder in that dispute.

Ward No. 3 Awami League president Robin Babu said Nur Ali Sheikh was a very popular member. To conspire in various quarters envious of his popularity. There were also disputes over party quarrels. But I don’t believe there could be a murder for him. However, Nur Ali Sheikh’s son was injured during the incident. Only when he recovers will it be clear who is involved.

Meanwhile, no case has been registered in this regard yet. However, police have taken three people into custody on suspicion of involvement in the murder.

Additional Superintendent of Police Touhidul Islam said the body was recovered and sent for autopsy. Police raided the entire area overnight. Three people have been taken into custody in the incident. Hopefully, the real truth will come out in questioning them.

He added that based on the preliminary investigation, it is believed that the murder was committed due to previous hostilities. But that is not political, personal enmity.

Incidentally, Nur Ali Sheikh, a father of two sons, is known as a successful timber trader in the area. He won the 2016 UP election by a huge margin and was elected as the UP member of ward number two.