May 17, 2021


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In Dhamrai you have to climb the bamboo bridge over the bridge

In the Bathuli cemetery area of ​​Sutipara Union in Dhamrai, Dhaka, one has to climb the bridge over the Gazikhali river through a bamboo bridge. Millions of people are suffering from this every day. The bridge in the middle of the river is also curved on one side. Locals said that there could be any loss of life due to landslides at any time. Such misery is happening due to lack of soil on both sides of the bridge.

It is learned that the government built a bridge over the Gazikhali river to change the fate of the people of several villages in the Bathuli cemetery area of ​​Dhamrai. The river was narrow when the bridge was built. At present, the soil on both sides of the bridge has been removed due to dredging in the Gazikhali river. The bridge fell in the middle of the river. Due to the lack of soil next to the bridge, the movement of lakhs of people in several villages including Atigram, Katigram, Maltia, Bhagwanpur, Kandapara and Bathuli in Dhamrai caused great misery. Unable to find a way, the villagers built bamboo bridges on both sides of the bridge and connected it to the bridge. Then they started walking. However, no vehicle can move. Due to which the development of the area also stopped.

Qiyamat Ali of Katigram area, Zulmat Ali of Bhagwanpur village said, “When the bridge was built, I thought it would open the door for development in our area. Now I see that development is far away, now I can’t even come home with a van. Now the bridge is in such a condition that bamboo has to be climbed on the bridge. Then we have to cross. There is a risk.

Rock and his wife, Lauren Hashian, bought a luxurious home from Hollywood actor Paul Razor for 26.7 million. It covers 16,600 square feet in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles. The new palace has 11 rooms and 8 bedrooms and a large gym with 1 tennis court and swimming pool.

He is known to the fans as ‘The Rock’. As well as being the best wrestler in the world, he is at the top of the highest paid actors.

This year, Rock is also busy with his own production including movies. His much awaited movie ‘Red Notice’ is going to be released on Netflix next November.
The winner of popular reality show Zee Bangla Saregamapa 2020 is Arkadeep Mishra. Ever since the winner was announced, netizens have expressed frustration with the show’s neutrality, raising questions. According to them, it was Niharika Nath, not Orkadeep, who deserved to be the winner. Although Orkadeep is the champion in the show, the real winners are Niharika and Bidipta Chakraborty. Anushka Patra, who is known for her variety of singers, did not get a place in the last three. Netizens question whether Anushka is so incompetent that she did not even get a place in the top three. According to many, Anushka should have been the champion. The shooting ended the week before the grand finale of Saregamapa, the episode aired on Sunday night.


Arkadeep Mishra, Raktim Chowdhury, Bidipta Chakraborty, Jyoti Sharma, Niharika Nath and Anushka Patra took place in the last six seasons of Saregamapa. In Sunday’s episode, Orkadeep, Niharika and Bidipta also took the last three places after a bone-chilling fight. Orkadeep smiled last. Neeharika finished second and Vidipta had to be satisfied with the second runner-up tag.
Orkdeep, a folk singer. Emon Chakraborty, a member of India’s national award-winning singer’s team, is also Emon’s ‘guru brother’. So from the beginning, Emon has been a little too biased towards Orkadeep. The storm of controversy has been raging on social media since Arkadeep was declared the champion of Saregamapa on Sunday. According to a large section of netizens, Niharika and Vidipta’s singing impressed them a lot, and their performance was ahead even in the finals. How was Arkadeep declared the winner? That anger is overflowing on Facebook-Instagram.