May 8, 2021


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Requests from patients not to come from other hospitals

Brigadier Nasir Uddin, project director of DNCC Kovid-19 Hospital, requested patients not to come from other hospitals. He told reporters after visiting the hospital this morning. He said 192 patients have reported in 24 hours from 8 am to 8 am today. We have admitted 63 patients. We have taken 34 patients to ICU. 4 of them died. At the moment there are 7 people admitted. So far 60 ICUs are ready.
He said those who are admitted to different hospitals should not come here. In fact, there will be a crisis for the newcomers. Take it where you are receiving treatment. However, new victims will receive services.

Slamate Yoga Woudi (38) from Indonesia wanted to give her child a slightly different name. So he named his son after the organization out of respect for his workplace.

The couple became parents in December last year. In honor of their former workplace, Woody named his son Dinas Communicative Informatics Statistics or the Department of Statistical Communications. Rudin Linda Tungal Sari, Waudi’s 31-year-old pregnant wife, agreed with her husband and allowed him to choose her son’s name. However, Waudi’s parents and acquaintances have objected to the name.

Source: India Times
Farida Parveen, a well-known artist of Lalon Sangeet, returned home on Tuesday morning after receiving treatment at the hospital. Complications that existed after Corona became positive are no longer present. Kidney problems are now under control.

Farida Parveen took medical treatment at home on the advice of a doctor after Corona tested positive. But due to sudden deterioration in his physical condition, he was admitted to Universal Medical College Hospital in Mohakhali, Dhaka. Farida Parveen was allowed to return home today.

Farjad Parveen’s son-in-law Sajjadur Rahman said, “She is fine now. Eating and drinking is normal. Corona does not have any symptoms. However, it is not yet known whether the Corona result is negative or not. We didn’t even test. Gave medicine. I have to go to the doctor again after a week for follow-up. ‘
On April 7, Farida Parveen tested positive for corona and was later admitted to hospital.