June 14, 2021


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Diarrhea patient bed and saline crisis at Betagi Hospital

The number of diarrhea cases in Betagi, Barguna is increasing rapidly. The Upazila Health Complex authorities are struggling to handle these patients with limited manpower in the hospital. At the health complex, there has been a crisis of cholera saline for injections in the diarrhea ward. The number of patients in the hospital is increasing every day due to extreme heat. There is no place to store sesame seeds in the designated beds and wards of the health complex. The patients have to be treated on the floor and stairs of the hospital.

According to the Upazila Health Complex till 9 am on Tuesday, three people, including Ahmed Hawladar, 65, of Balaibunia in the upazila, have died of diarrhea in the last four days. In the last 24 hours, 137 diarrhea patients have been admitted to the health complex. At the same time, 41 people returned home after receiving medical treatment. At present 96 people are admitted in the hospital.

Photo Mandal, a senior staff nurse working in the diarrhea ward at the health complex, said 50-60 people have been hospitalized with diarrhea every day since Friday.

He also said that there is no place in the Upazila Health Complex due to the pressure of patients suffering from various diseases including Corona epidemic. Many are receiving treatment at home. Mubin, a child from Laxmipura village of the upazila, is being treated by spreading sheets on the verandah due to lack of space. His mother Ayesha Begum said, there is no end to the suffering here. It is difficult to say who will be seen by the doctors. According to his description, the condition of son Mubin is critical. So there is no way not to stay in the hospital.

In the meantime, there has been an acute shortage of saline. Saline has to be bought from outside pharmacies as there is not enough supply in the Upazila Health Complex. It has been alleged that cholera saline is being sold at a high price by creating an artificial crisis. And the relatives have expressed their displeasure as the patients are not getting adequate medicines and services in the health complex.

According to the victims, saline is not available even at high prices. Ranjit Chandra Biswas, a wholesaler in Betagi, said, “There has been an acute shortage of ivy saline for four or five days a week.”

People are going to different pharmacies for saline. It is being claimed that saline is not available in the Barisal depots of the pharmaceutical companies.

It is learned that in such a situation, the one who needs five is being discharged from the hospital with a saline.

However, to handle the situation, 300 members of Nadira Sultana, a Member of Parliament from the reserved seat of Barguna, and 300 cholera from Betagi Upazila Parishad have been handed over to the Saline Upazila Health Complex. In addition, the Department of Health has allocated 7,000 cholera saline and 30,000 ORS, confirmed Additional Secretary of the Ministry of Health Md. Rezaul Karim. However, Upazila Health and Family Planning Officer Ten Mong said it was not yet certain when it would reach the hospital.