May 16, 2021


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Abul Hayat won Corona at the age of 76

76-year-old country actor, playwright, director and writer Abul Hayat has been released from coronation. His daughter actress Natasha Hayat confirmed the news of his release from coronation on Tuesday. On Tuesday, Natasha said, ‘Abba’s report is negative. Thank you very much to Allah. He healed Dad. Now he is perfectly healthy. Everyone will pray for Abba ‘. Abul Hayat was attacked by Corona late last month. Later, when the condition became critical, he was admitted to the hospital on March 31. At first, his physical condition was quite complicated, but he recovered quickly, doctors said at the time.

The actor, who was infected with coronavirus, returned home from the hospital on April 8 as his physical condition improved. He was undergoing treatment at home quarantine under the supervision of a doctor at home. Finally came the news of his corona victory.

6-year-old actor Abul Hayat has been acting in TV dramas since 1989. In his long career, he has acted in numerous dramas as well as in several films including ‘Aguner Parashamani’, ‘Jayayatra’, ‘Gahine Shabd’ and ‘Ajnatanama’.

Abul Hayat won the National Film Award in 2006 for his performance in ‘Cinnamon Island’. His latest film ‘Spark’ was released on December 26. He shot the film in Corona.

A notification has been issued to extend the ongoing lockdown to prevent corona infection till April 28. However, international special flights and banking activities will continue at this time.

The matter was informed in a notification issued by the Cabinet Division on Tuesday (April 20).

The second phase of the coronavirus infection in the country has reached alarming proportions and the first phase of the one-week lockdown started on April 5 and continued till April 13. Then, in the second phase, a ‘severe lockdown’ started across the country from April 14.

It is supposed to end on April 21. Earlier, on Sunday night (April 17), the 31st meeting of the National Technical Advisory Committee on Kavid-19 passed a proposal to extend the lockdown until April 26.

The 13 directives mentioned in the notification issued by the government on April 12 will remain in force even during the extended period of lockdown. However, there will be special international flights and banking activities outside.