May 8, 2021


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5000 rupees for development is a deception of the President’s gift!

The information is not to be taken lightly at all. At least the intelligent person will try it once. At least don’t mind trying. One thing that has gone viral on social media in the form of messages. What is being said there is exactly- On the occasion of the holy month of Ramadan, the government is giving a gift of Rs 5,000 to everyone’s development account on the instructions of His Excellency the President.

Ordinary people are in a lot of financial trouble due to the Corona situation. Therefore, considering the problems of the common people, the government has announced a government grant of Rs 5,000 to all the people of the country. Cash out charge free.

I just got Rs 5,000 on my development number. Like me, you can easily take this money. If you enter the link below and give it to your bkash or cash account number, the money will go to your number immediately. No need to give any PIN number.

Many may be in disbelief, try once before disbelief.

Click on this link to get money:

If you see a message that someone will click on the link, where is the objection to at least click if there is minimal interest! Clicking will take you to a site where you can see a page with the development logo. But there is a list with people’s names. Everyone on the list has received the Rs 5,000 development announced by the President. If we go down a little, the faith of the common people will be a little more mature. In the comments box you will find comments from several people with pictures. Everyone there has also admitted to receiving money. For example, Naimur Rahman says, ‘I got money for development today. Thank you very much! ‘ Below that, Iftekharuzzaman says, ‘I thought it was fake, but I got the money this morning!’ Further down Nazia Anjum’s comment ‘Can I get it today? Thanks ‘or Nipa Sultana’ At first I thought it was a lie but finally I got the money. I have told my friends about it so that they too can get it. ‘ Going down, the President has revealed the reason for giving money to the people in this time of danger. Those interested in writing there ‘Welcome !!’ Informed,
‘The holy month of Ramadan is going on. And a few days later Eid-ul-Fitr.
Ordinary people are facing a lot of financial problems due to the Corona situation at this time.
Therefore, considering the problems of the common people, the government has announced to give a corona grant of Rs 5,000 to everyone in the country.

You will get this money only if you are a citizen of Bangladesh.

To get this money you need to like the page from below and fill out the application form.

As soon as you apply you will get the money in your bKash / cash number.
Apply now without delay. ‘

Another link was found where the same message was given-

Then you are asked to click on the two like buttons given below. Below that is the application form for receiving money in development, which has been asked to be filled after clicking on the two like buttons above.

Now let’s talk about what is actually happening. The first Like Butt has already received 6 lakh 33 thousand likes. And in the second 5 lakh 14 thousand. Clicking on the first one will take you to a page called ‘The Daily News’. Below is a small caption ‘Stay with the latest news first’. Link to Daily News page –

If you click on the second one, you will get ‘Banga BD’, ‘News and Media Website’ written below. In other words, there are two likes in two online media. Page link –

Or maybe I just gave two likes. Then there is the form fillup. If you do that work, you will get 5 thousand rupees. This work must be done. You will be congratulated after you fill it up. Then the first link you go to their glamorous ad so far, you will be asked to copy the ad and post it on Facebook. Below is the ‘Get Money’ button. If you click the Get Money button without posting on Facebook, Error will come and you will be told that you did not post and did not comment in the 10 groups as per the conditions.

Now let’s go to page two of the media. The same news content is shared on two pages. The latest content is ‘What to eat to retain youthful energy for life’.

Here the business is being run by deceiving the common people. This bad time of Corona period has been capitalized. Eid ahead, Corona – all in all, the common man is in economic misery. At this time, 5,000 rupees will be given by the President for development – this word will not be blown away by the common people at least as soon as they hear or see it. Whether the matter is fake or not, I don’t see what happens – anyone can think that. Here the number of likes on two pages is being increased by taking the interest forward. Millions of likes have already been garnered on two unknown fake news portals.

The thing to see and think about here is that these groundbreaking media pages are showing the audacity of using the name of the President to bring likes. It remains to be seen whether the eyes of the law are on them. In this way, the rotten pages are getting heavy by collecting people’s like comments.