May 17, 2021


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How to control weight in fasting?

Many people go on a diet all year round and give up diet during Ramadan. In this way, the weight increases in a hurry and the suffering of the whole year is also in vain. For this, weight should be kept under control during Ramadan. And for that you have to understand and eat. Avoid oily foods and eat more aquatic foods. Emphasize fruits and vegetables. Let’s find out what Ramadan food will be like.

Healthy food
Just because you haven’t eaten all day while fasting doesn’t mean you have to eat too much at once. During fasting, the metabolism decreases and the energy of the body gradually decreases. Start iftar with dates. Because dates contain enough sugar which will provide energy to the body after a long day. Enough to eat one date, you can eat two if you want. There is less time to eat in Ramadan, but in the meanwhile you have to eat healthy food.

Sahri will never be left out. This shows that iftar is eaten more the next day. Sahri is very important for this. Try to eat less salty foods so that you do not feel thirsty all day long. Try to eat rice or bread, eggs, chicken, cheese, vegetables etc. in sahri. You can eat yogurt with it. These foods ensure the amount of glucose in your body and by doing this you will not feel hungry all day long.

Stay active
Do not go to bed after Iftar and Sahri. Although it is difficult to walk at that time, prayers may be the best solution. Perform Fajr prayers after Maghrib and Sahri after Iftar. Eliminate the habit of fasting and sleeping all day. Do normal activities. But avoid the sun. Perform prayers on time, recite Qur’an.

Drinking more water
Eat small amounts of water after Iftar as you abstain from food and drink for a long time during Ramadan. Do not drink too much water at once. Drinking water is a good way to control weight in Ramadan. Drink a glass of water at the beginning of Iftar. In this way, keep drinking water for a while.

1. Drink two glasses of water in Iftar. The first is during the opening of Iftar and then after the Maghrib prayers.

2. Then drink a glass of water every hour.

3. Drink two glasses of water in Sahri.

Drinking this water will keep your stomach and whole body healthy and will also help you lose weight. Try to avoid tea, coffee, soft drinks. You can eat green tea if you want too much.

Avoid processed sugar
If you can avoid processed sugar in the month of Ramadan, you can control a lot of weight. If you want to eat ice cream, mix fruit with yogurt and eat it, eat dry fruits. You can eat honey as well as fresh fruits.

Light exercise
Do not do the same exercises as you did before. Try light exercise during fasting. If you want to lose weight in Ramadan, you can go on a low carbohydrate diet, as well as light exercise to reduce as much as possible.

1. Walk 20 minutes before Iftar, but make sure that the walking speed is not too high.

2. You can run on the treadmill after Iftar.

3. If the distance from the office to the house is not too much, go to the office by cycling in the morning.

4. You can do yoga as well as do simple cardio in Ramadan.

If you follow all the rules, you will be able to lose weight in Ramadan.