May 8, 2021


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Hefazat is losing control of Qawmi Madrasa

Hefazat-e-Islam’s current committee could be disbanded at any time after widespread violence across the country. In addition to bringing someone acceptable to the leadership at all levels, the issue of closing down the sole authority of the party over the Qawmi Madrasa is also being considered.

According to the new plan, all decisions regarding the management of Qawmi Madrasa will be taken by the designated board ‘Al-Hayatul Ulaya Lil-Jami’ Atil Qawmia Bangladesh ’. Hefazat-e-Islam will not be able to interfere in the management of the madrasa.

The government has taken a tough stance against Hefazat-e-Islam in the wake of the ongoing violence across the country over Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to India. Police have already arrested at least nine top leaders, including the party’s most talked about joint secretary general, Mamunul Haque.

In this situation, the party wants to move away from the anti-government position and come to an agreement with the opposite government. However, law enforcement has said that no concessions will be made to those involved in violence across the country.

Some of the top leaders of Hifazat-e-Islam met Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal on Monday night (April 19) amid ongoing ongoing arrests. At that time, they requested the leaders of the party to stop arresting harassment. It was also proposed to reach an agreement with the government through the Home Minister.

According to meeting sources, the Home Minister informed the Hefazat leaders about the request to stop the arrest operation, adding that no innocent person was being arrested, only those involved in the violence were being arrested. When the party offered a compromise, they returned without any assurance from the minister.

Hefazat leaders, meanwhile, also met with Special Branch (SB) officials. Hefazat leaders at the meeting recently admitted their wrongdoings in various anti-government activities but did not want to take any responsibility for the violence in Brahmanbaria and Hathazari in Chittagong. However, they want to get rid of the current situation.

Sources said that Hefazat-e-Islam emerged as a non-political party in 2010. But after the death of the party’s former emir, Allama Shah Ahmad Shafi, Hifazat-e-Islam turned to political parties. Gradually, leaders of different political parties joined the Hefazat committee. As a result, the new leaders started various anti-government activities.

In this situation, the current committee of Hefazat-e-Islam may be dissolved at any time. The leadership is looking for a person who is acceptable in all quarters and follows Allama Shafi. Leaders of any other political party or anyone associated with the party cannot be in the committee of Hifazat-e-Islam, they must leave the post of Hifazat-e-Islam.

Even the relevant board will decide how the Qawmi Madrasa will be run, where Hefazat-e-Islam cannot interfere. Board Al-Hayatul Ulaya Lil-Jami’atil Qawmia Bangladesh will take all the decisions to run Qawmi Madrasa.

Police sources said those who have joined the Hefazat-e-Islam committee from different political parties are already being listed. More than 480 leaders and activists have been arrested in various cases across the country in connection with the violence. The campaign is underway against the leaders involved in anti-government activities.

Mamunul, who was arrested from Jamia Rahmania Madrasa in the capital’s Mohammadpur on Sunday (April 18th), has been remanded in police custody for seven days. During the interrogation in remand, information of various anti-government activities is coming out one by one.

According to sources, Hefazat-e-Islam had a plan to seize power by overthrowing the government by using the movement against the visit of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to Bangladesh. For this vile purpose, the soft-hearted students of Qawmi Madrasa were incited to the field.

Harun-ur-Rashid, deputy commissioner (DC) of the Tejgaon division of the Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP), said Mamunul Haque, joint secretary general of Hefazat-e-Islam, had given a lot of sensational information in remand. He used to provoke the leaders and workers of Hefazat. Mamunul thought that if the government fell, no one would be able to seize power without the support of Hefazat.

Meanwhile, the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) of the police has already taken charge of investigating 23 cases filed against Hefazat-e-Islam.

CID chief barrister Mahbubur Rahman said Mamunul’s involvement was initially found in a case filed in connection with the Narayanganj riots. Mamunul is currently in remand in another case. When that is over, CID will apply for his remand.