May 8, 2021


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Whip of Parliament from type machine thief ‘Bichchu Shamsu’!

Shamsul Haque Chowdhury, the most talked about and criticized Member of Parliament and Whip of Chittagong. There are no misdeeds including abuse of power, extortion, occupation which he did not do. His name also comes up in casinos. His son Sharun Chowdhury is also named after his father. He is also the head of misdeeds to the youth.

An incident in 1960 came 40 years later and shocked everyone. The incident also proves how ‘scary’ Shamsul is to tarnish the image of the local Awami League.

On 20 August 1970, a man named Shamsul Haque was arrested along with three stolen typewriters in a raid by the Double Mooring Police Station in Chittagong. Two days later (Friday, August 22) the news was published in The Daily Life in Chittagong. The title was ‘Stolen Type Machines Seized: One Arrested’.

The news appeared in a single column on the front page of the magazine. Didarul Alam Chowdhury, Youth and Sports Secretary of Chittagong City Awami League, made this demand in an interview given to a local daily recently. Various sources are also supporting his claim. That being said, that type machine thief is no one else, he is the current Whip of the Jatiya Sangsad and Patia MP Shamsul Haque Chowdhury alias Bichhu Shamsu.

Didarul Alam Didar, youth and sports secretary of Chittagong Metropolitan Awami League, said Samshu, who came from BNP-Jatiya Party, is now an Awami League MP. On a happy day, he is looting everything by showing his power. In 1970, he was jailed for 18 days for stealing a typewriter. Ziaur Rahman gave his name as ‘Bichchu’. I said it out loud. If you have the courage to give a counter statement.

“Double Mooring police recovered three stolen old typewriters last Wednesday (August 20, 1980),” the report said. One person has been arrested for being involved in the incident. ’

The report added, “On Wednesday afternoon (August 20), Shamsul Haque of Riazuddin Bazar went to a typewriter repair shop called Bangladesh International on Sheikh Mujib Road to sell three stolen typewriters.” After receiving information from a secret source, the police of Double Mooring Police led by a sub-inspector raided the place and arrested him. Police seized the typewriters and took them to the police station. A case has been filed in this regard at Double Mooring Police Station. ’

The oldest daily Azadi in Chittagong published a report on the same incident. The newspaper published the news of the rescue of the typewriter in a column on August 23, 1980. According to the report, titled ‘3 typewriters recovered’, the police conducted a search at Bangladesh International Repairing and Sales Service and recovered three stolen typewriters.

The person who has been elected as a whip in a place like the National Assembly has been involved in misdeeds since his past. His misdeeds never stopped. He has been involved in one controversial activity after another by exerting influence. This ‘scorpion’ of Ziaur Rahman is still involved.