May 16, 2021


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‘How can I help’

Brihannala, a group of 15 people, a voluntary organization. Eight of the team are of the third sex. Orange jacket on everyone’s body. Placards in hand. It says, “I am a volunteer, how can I help?” They are waiting for patients in front of various hospitals. Whenever an ambulance or CNG-powered autorickshaw stops in front of the hospital, they immediately move forward. Getting the patient’s luggage out of the car and into the hospital, helping the patient to get out of the car, picking up the luggage of the patients who are returning home after recovery are all their voluntary work.

In front of the Corona unit of Dhaka Medical College Hospital, the spokesperson of the volunteer group spoke to Saad, a student of Dhaka University. “From Corona’s experience last year, we formed a team of 15 people,” he said. Many patients come to the hospital with only one person. As a result, it became difficult for him to unload patients and belongings alone. At this time we help to get the patient out of the car. ‘

“We have battery-powered autorickshaws,” he added. If no one gets a vehicle, we take the patient home. ‘

How is the money being provided? In response to this question, he said, “We have a Facebook group, from where we collect money.”

A member of the third sex came to talk to Saad. Said his name is Moonmoon. You used to take money from people on the streets, now you are coming here and serving people, don’t do it again, patient, why? In response, he said, ‘If people can help me, why shouldn’t I help? The state helps me in every way, I have something to give to the state. ‘

A man named Sikkim has been accused of tearing the mango caught in a litchi tree in Thakurgaon. He is a former member of the Elkar Union Parishad.

He tore the mango on Tuesday (April 20). Meanwhile, the visitors have expressed frustration over the tearing of the mango caught in the litchi tree.

The incident caused quite a stir as mangoes were caught on litchi trees. People were coming from far and wide to see the mangoes created by the strange whims of nature. Abdur Rahman, the owner of the tree, alleged that the former UP member of Sikkim had plucked the mango from the tree due to the increase in the number of people in the area.

Abdur Rahman said that on Tuesday morning, the former UP member brought Sikkim people and tore the mango from the tree and threw it on the ground. I am a poor man, different classes of people are coming to my house.

He said the matter was immediately reported to the local chairman Mukti and demanded justice. The chairman inspected the tree and told me, ‘Allah gave mango to the litchi tree, Allah took it again. Don’t talk about it anymore. Thousands of people are coming to my house, and they are returning disappointed not to see mangoes in the litchi tree. ‘

However, the accused former UP member Sikkim said, ‘A litchi tree has caught mangoes in the area. People are coming from far and wide all day to see it. People are crowding in groups with cars. My nephew was injured in a motorcycle accident yesterday. So I tore the mango in anger. Later I realized that it was not right to tear the mango. ‘

Abu Hossain, deputy director of Thakurgaon Agriculture Extension Department, said, “I sent a delegation to observe.” It looks like a real litchi mango tree. However, research was needed to find out the real facts. I had already contacted the upper floor. But the real secret is no longer known. I heard who tore the mango.