May 8, 2021


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Two and a half crore new poor people in the country in one year

During this period of corona infection, the income of urban slum dwellers in the country has decreased by 14 percent as compared to the previous period of corona. 6 percent of the slum dwellers are still unemployed. In addition, the number of the extremely poor has increased by 4 percent during the last one year. About two and a half crore people have become poor in the country.

A joint study by the Power and Participation Research Center (PPRC) and the BRAC Institute of Governance and Development (BIGD) revealed such information. Economist and PPRC executive chairman said at a press conference on Tuesday. Hossain Zillur Rahman and BIGD executive director. Imran Matin. The survey was conducted by telephone from April 2020 to March this year. It highlights the nature of the poverty caused by Cavid-19 and its impact on low-income people.

One year has passed since the Corona epidemic broke out, the study said. But the country’s poor are still struggling to make ends meet, trapped in debt and losing savings. The situation of urban slum dwellers in particular is dire.

According to the survey, not the poor, but 62 percent of those at risk were below the poverty line in June last year. They were dubbed the ‘new poor’. Fifty percent of those ‘new poor’ are still at risk of poverty; The percentage is 59 percent in urban areas and 44 percent in rural areas. However, there has been an improvement in employment since June. Even after that, there was work before Kavid but now there are 6 percent people who are unemployed.

The situation of women in the case of unemployment in Corona is alarming. One-third of the women who were employed before Cavid are still unemployed since June last year. In the case of men, the rate has come down to 16 to 6 percent.

Research has shown that the impact of Kavid on low incomes and unemployment, as well as changing the nature of employment recovery. Many have had to change professions because of Kavid. Most of them have joined the new profession as unskilled workers. In that case, many skilled workers from salaried workers and factory workers have started working as day laborers.

According to the joint study, only the agricultural sector has been able to build a positive position as in the past. There have been many incidents of people moving from slums to villages due to declining income opportunities in the cities. Last year, 27.3 percent of slum dwellers left the city, of which 9.6 percent have not yet returned. Again, the amount of savings of the non-poor class of people has come down from the previous level. At the same time the amount of debt has doubled in all classes.

Dr. at the press conference. Hossain Zillur Rahman said, ‘Social security is playing a nominal role in Kavidka. But it needs to be prioritized now. In addition to the existing protection programs for the urban poor and the new poor, there should be more effective and technological new and significant programs, ”he said. It is also a health and economic priority. ”

At this time. In his brief speech, Imran Matin said, “We have to look at the unemployment of men as well as women. Thus, the participation of women in the labor market is low. And this quad-caused situation could further exclude women from the labor market. ‘