May 8, 2021


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Chad’s president dies after 30 years in power

After 30 years in power, the president of Chad died while visiting the battlefield. Idris Debbie was elected president of the African country for the sixth time in a row last Monday A spokesman for Chad’s army confirmed the president’s death on Tuesday

The spokesman said he was wounded while visiting members of the army fighting insurgents in the north of the country. According to Debbie’s group, “terrorists” from neighboring Libya attacked a border post. Through the desert, they also advanced several hundred kilometers towards the capital, Enzamena The army claims that the rebels were forced to retreat in the fighting and that more than three hundred rebels were killed.

Taking charge of the Interim Council

Army spokesman Azam Barmenda also announced the president’s death on Agona TV. He introduced the other army officers standing around as the Interim National Council

This council will be in power for one and a half years The head of the council is Mahamat Idris Debbie Itno, Debbie’s 36-year-old son. The spokesman also said that a curfew would be declared in the country from 6 pm local time on Tuesday

Suspicion of death

The battlefield where Debbie’s death was claimed could not be independently verified as it was a remote area. However, some foreign observers have questioned how a head of state could die in this way They say this raises questions about his security team Idris Debbie, President of the African country of Chad since 1990 He is one of the longest-serving rulers in Africa

Debbie 7 received 69 percent of the vote in the April 11 election He was one of the key figures in the French-led campaign against the activities of various militant groups in the Sahel region. Chad’s National Assembly declared Debbie the country’s first field marshal last August after a successful campaign against jihadists in the west of the country.