May 16, 2021


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Why is Mithila ‘ineligible’ in Miss Universe in the United States?

The main event of the 69th Miss Universe 2020 pageant will start on May 16 in the United States. This year’s ‘Miss Universe Bangladesh’ Tanzia Zaman Mithila was scheduled to leave the country on May 5 to represent Bangladesh at the event. But on Tuesday, it was revealed that the name of Bangladeshi contestant Mithila has been removed from the website of ‘Miss Universe 2020’.

Shafiq Islam, director of the Bangladesh section of the Miss Universe event, confirmed the information on Tuesday afternoon.

“The lockdown and the travel ban have created complications,” he said. Due to this I am not able to take part in the main event this time. I have informed the authorities. We also had to make some preparations before leaving, which is not possible in this lockdown. That is one of the reasons. ”

A notice was posted on their Facebook page by Miss Universe Bangladesh authorities on Tuesday morning. “We could not finish the preparations due to lockdown and travel ban,” it said. So we are not able to take part in this event. The matter was reported to the main organizers this week.

Mithila, meanwhile, said, “There are many reasons for not being able to take part. The first reason is not being able to get the corona vaccine. The second reason is that even though the visa application was made, the date was canceled due to lockdown. The third reason is that pre-production videos were not made. The fourth reason is that the national costume was not made.

Shafiq Islam, director of the Bangladesh section of the Miss Universe pageant, also said that the controversy surrounding Tanzia Zaman Mithila after her victory had nothing to do with her inability to take part in the main event.

Tanzia Zaman Mithila was declared the winner in the grand final held on April 3 at the Radisson Blu Hotel in the capital. Popular Indian model and actress Chitrangada Singh crowned the winner.

However, the title winner Mithila was accused of multiple ‘irregularities’ and controversy. The controversy has not gone away since he took the crown. She was accused of being ‘Miss Universe Bangladesh’ this time with ‘special assistance’. When the arrow of such accusation is directed towards Mithila, this beauty gives birth to new criticism. Netizens also accused him of sexual harassment.

Meanwhile, it has been reported that Miss Universe has hidden the information. Although he was born in 1992, he used all three sources in 1994. Miss Universe also referred the matter of age to the authorities as 1992. But Mithila’s birth year is 31 January 1992 in her educational certificate and passport.

Mithila did not want to speak clearly about this. He said to the media, ‘Why look negative in everything? I did not give any wrong information. Although 1992 I am qualified, 1994 I am qualified. And Miss Universe will understand the issue of age. They have all the information. ‘

Before the start of Miss Universe Bangladesh, it was rumored that Mithila would be the champion. A young woman named Shanta Pal made quite a fuss about the matter. It is heard that Mithila will be the first to pay special attention. In the end it has been so. One controversy after another did not allow Mithila to go to the United States in the end.