May 17, 2021


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‘The country must be saved from lockdown’: Modi

The second wave of corona has taken a terrible shape in India. The number of victims is increasing day by day. Maharashtra may decide on Wednesday whether a lockdown will be declared once again to prevent infection. In his address to the nation on Tuesday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said, “The country must be saved from lockdown, in times of crisis. The country cannot be locked down now. ” “The second wave of the Corona has hit like a storm,” Modi said. We have to be patient in this situation. I urge the states to use lockdown as a last resort against Corona, “he said.” We will defeat Corona through discipline and patience.

The Prime Minister has advised the common man to move forward in the service of the country during the Corona period. He also gave a message to the youth to create awareness by forming committees in their own areas. He praised the role of the country’s scientists in inventing the corona vaccine, as well as the first-line corona fighters, including doctors.

In the second phase of the Corona transition, Modi has given the responsibility to implement it as the ‘last weapon’ without imposing lockdown across India. “I will not let the economy fall on its face anymore,” he said.

The government is moving towards strict control strategies to prevent the second wave of coronavirus infections. Five separate letters were sent to five ministries from the health ministry on Sunday to ensure strict regulatory measures. However, no general holiday or lockdown has been decided, there is no such plan at the moment. Secretary of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. Abdul Mannan confirmed this information to Kaler Kantha last evening. Health Minister Zahid Malek also told the media about the same.

Meanwhile, the administration conducted awareness campaigns in different parts of the country including Dhaka yesterday. In some places, members of the law-enforcement forces have put on masks, and in other places, fines have been levied for not wearing masks.

Secretary Md. Abdul Mannan told Kaler Kantha, “There have been various instructions before. Even after that, today (yesterday) I have given letters to five ministries. In this case, I have spoken about conducting mobile court strictly to wear mask and follow hygiene rules. I have asked to take necessary measures to control all kinds of risky public gatherings and social events and travel. Hygiene must be observed in the movement of passengers by road, rail, sea and air. Strict adherence to hygiene has also been mentioned in religious matters. Hygiene must also be followed in business and trade. In all cases, our law enforcement has a big role to play. We asked for their cooperation. The biggest thing for us now is that no one can walk without a mask. ’He said,‘ We don’t want to stop anything. But as a precaution, I am trying to keep public life as normal as possible in a controlled system. ‘

A kind of unrest erupted across the country after the news of the announcement of a general holiday was published in some media yesterday. The health secretary has been quoted in the news. In this regard, the health secretary told Kaler Kantha, “In the face of the question of the journalists, I have spoken about such a control system to deal with corona.” But there was confusion as some media did not present the issue properly. Later, however, the media removed the news themselves.

The process of taking control measures against Corona has also started in different areas outside Dhaka.

Meanwhile, the Additional Director General of the Department of Health, Prof. As part of a regular press release, Nasima Sultana said that there is no possibility of being ‘positive’ in the Kavid-19 identification test due to taking the Kavid-19 vaccine. Maximum immunity is achieved after a minimum of two weeks of receiving the Covishield vaccine used in the ongoing Cavid-19 vaccination program. Therefore, if proper hygiene rules are not followed at this time, there is a risk of getting infected with Kavid-19 disease. Therefore, other hygiene rules including the use of masks should be followed properly before and after taking the vaccine. Everyone listed as a priority and 40 years and older must register for the Kavid-19 immunization program and be vaccinated without fear.

Another Additional Director General of the Department of Health, Prof. Dr. went to the inauguration ceremony of the new building of the Central Pharmacy in Satarasta area of ​​the capital yesterday. Mirzadi Sebrina Flora said that the second dose of corona vaccine will be given in the country from April 7. In other words, those who have taken the first dose, they will be able to take the second dose from April 7. In this case, anyone can be vaccinated on a specific day two months after the date of the first dose. In addition, everyone will be sent an SMS to go to the center to take the second dose of the vaccine on the specified day.

According to our Chittagong office, the Chittagong district administration has discouraged more than 100 people from attending social events to prevent coronavirus infection. At the same time, various kinds of prohibitions have been informed about the observance of health rules. These instructions were given at a meeting of the District Development Coordination Committee held at the Circuit House on the initiative of the district administration yesterday. Later instructions were issued regarding limitation in the form of notification.

Chittagong Deputy Commissioner Mohammad Mominur Rahman told Kaler Kanth that the program has been restricted to community centers, convention halls, hotels, motels, restaurants and entertainment centers as per the directives of the cabinet department to prevent coronavirus infection. Corona controls the situation

Everyone is requested to follow the hygiene rules for this purpose. Legal action will be taken against those who disobey these instructions.

According to the Khulna office, the Khulna Metropolitan Police (KMP) has carried out public awareness activities against Kavid-19 in 9 police station areas. KMP Commissioner Mohammad inaugurated the program at Shivbari corner of the city yesterday afternoon with the slogan ‘Wearing a mask, Corona-free Bangladesh’. Masudur Rahman Bhoona. At this time the guests put masks and face shields on the faces of the pedestrians. Simultaneously distributed awareness leaflets and affixed stickers on the vehicles.

On the other hand, 11 people have been fined for not wearing masks in Keraniganj.