May 16, 2021


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Allocated 50 ICU beds, only 23 seats

The allocation of 50 ICU beds at the Dedicated Corona Isolation Hospital in Rangpur was announced but did not materialize. Despite the Health Department’s announcement in April last year, the newly constructed 100-bed Rangpur Children’s Hospital with only 10 ICU beds was being used as a dedicated corona isolation hospital. The hospital has 10 ICUs and 90 general beds.

Initially, Rangpur and Dinajpur had 26 ICU beds in eight districts of the department, but only 13 beds have been increased in Rangpur to cope with the second wave. In other words, even though 50 ICU beds have been allocated, only 23 beds have been set up so far. However, eminent people, including the relatives of the patient, say that this number is absolutely insufficient for the treatment of dying patients suffering from corona in one department. If ICU facilities are not ensured in every district of the department, many people will die without treatment. They demanded a quick increase in ICU beds.

Relevant sources said, in April last year, Rangpur Dedicated Corona Isolation Hospital 10 and at that time Dinajpur M. Abdur Rahim Medical College Hospital started providing ICU facility to Corona patients by setting up 16 beds in this department. The health department had allotted 50 ICU beds at the Dedicated Corona Isolation Hospital in Rangpur, but the work was halted after 10 were installed in the first phase. After a year, corona infections increased again, necessitating an increase in ICU beds. As a result, only 13 beds were increased.

The number of patients suffering from corona is increasing in Rangpur division every day. The number of deaths is also increasing with the infection. As the days go by, the victims are worried about the medical services for the terrible injuries of Corona. ICU facilities are not available, especially for dying patients. Physicians are facing a dilemma to provide the desired service due to insufficient ICU beds compared to the demand.

According to the health department, there is no ICU facility in Panchagarh, Thakurgaon, Nilphamari, Lalmonirhat, Kurigram and Gaibandha in the remaining six districts except Rangpur and Dinajpur. Besides, there are 12 specialized hospitals in eight districts of Rangpur division. These hospitals have 532 beds in isolation wards for corona patients. Of these, 100 are in Rangpur Dedicated Corona Isolation Hospital, 20 are in Rangpur Chest Disease Hospital, 31 are in Haragach Hospital, 50 are in M ‚Äč‚ÄčAbdur Rahim Medical College Hospital in Dinajpur, 20 are in Panchagarh Modern Hospital, 100 are in Nilphamari Hospital with 250 beds and 50 are in Sadar Hospital with 50 beds. , Gaibandha General Hospital has 20 beds, Lalmonirhat Nursing College has 12 beds, Lalmonirhat Railway Hospital has 15 beds and Lalmonirhat Government College Women’s Hostel has 64 beds.

Meanwhile, the risk of corona has increased in Rangpur division due to people’s unconsciousness, negligence and indifference. After the onset of the second wave of corona, the rate of infection continued to rise towards the end of March this year.

According to the health department, eight people died of corona in six days from April 15 to 20. At the same time, 365 people were infected. Till Tuesday, the highest number of 5,231 people in Dinajpur and 4,046 people in Rangpur were affected by corona. From April 7 last year to April 20 yesterday, 18,430 people were identified as corona in eight districts of the division. So far 331 people have died. 16 thousand 60 people have recovered.

In the last 24 hours (till 8 am on Tuesday), in a single day, 363 samples were tested and 73 new corona patients were identified.

Rangpur Dedicated Corona Isolation Hospital caretaker. SM Nurun Nabi said there are 10 ICU beds here. As of Tuesday, there were seven and 45 patients in general beds. He said higher authorities have been informed to increase the number of ICU beds to deal with the situation.

Fakhrul Anam Benju, convener of Rangpur Corona Prevention Committee, said the number of corona patients is increasing in Rangpur division. The number of deaths is also increasing. Therefore, it is necessary to increase the ICU facility. 23 ICU beds, including 13 new ones, are not enough in the city to deal with the current crisis.

Rangpur Divisional Health Director. Ahad Ali said the health department had allotted 50 ICU beds at Rangpur Dedicated Corona Isolation Hospital last year. However, initially 10 beds were prepared. There was no need to place the rest of the beds as the risk of corona infection was not high. However, the number of corona cases has increased recently. Infected patients are coming to the hospital. This is creating an ICU bed crisis. Mentioning that the matter of ICU beds has been informed to the higher authorities, he said that it has been decided to increase the number of beds in Rangpur Dedicated Corona Isolation Hospital from 100 to 150.