May 8, 2021


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Where will the helpless Jochna with broken legs go now?

Housewife Jochna Begum was lying on the stairs entering the Laxmipur Sadar Hospital building. He made a pillow with his plastered right leg and looked to the west as if he was thinking of breaking the sky. The husband is standing next to the 4-year-old child in his lap. Seeing such a scene, some people were helping on the way.

And husband Ripon was staring at his wife. Lack seems to have put a strain on his everything.

On Tuesday (April 20), around 8:30 pm, local journalist Rubel Hossain saw Jochna lying on the steps of the hospital. After knowing the details of the incident, the housewife was admitted to the hospital again.

With the help of someone, Jochna will be able to stand on her own two feet again if she is taken to the cripple hospital in Dhaka for advanced treatment.

Daughter of Jamirtali village of Mandari union of Jochna Sadar upazila. Husband Md. Ripon and his son. Jewel lives in a shack on the side of the road in Battali area of ​​the same upazila. Ripon runs his family by finding and selling plastic or broken items in different markets and villages. They have no land, no search for relatives. If anyone wants to cooperate in this situation, you can contact 0174225317. He is currently admitted on the fourth floor of Jochna Sadar Hospital.

Speaking to Ripon at the hospital, it is learned that Jochna fell in front of a motorcycle while crossing the road at Mandari Bazar in Sadar upazila seven days ago. This caused serious injuries to his legs. The driver of the motorcycle was Awami League leader Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, chairman of Dighali Union Parishad. Sheikh Mujib was also injured in the accident.

Jochna was later rescued and admitted to Sadar Hospital. As his right leg was broken, he was plastered and kept in the hospital for 7 days for treatment. The doctor advised him to take him to Dhaka or Noakhali for better treatment.

Meanwhile, Ripon was spending his days worrying about where to take his wife out of the hospital due to lack of money. Jochna was released from the hospital on Tuesday. At this time the doctor advised him to rest at home or to take him to Dhaka for better treatment. But after being released, Jochna was seen lying on the steps of the hospital gate for several hours. And Ripon stands next to his son Jewel.

Seeing such a scene, the relatives of the other patients who came to the hospital helped some people by paying 10, 20 and 50 rupees. Later, journalist Rubel Hossain spoke to Sadar Hospital’s Resident Medical Officer (RMO) Anwar Hossain and doctor Nazmul Hasan about the matter. Jochna has been released as there is no opportunity for advanced treatment at the hospital. That is why the doctors did not want to admit Jochna again.

Md. Ripon said he had no money. What will he do with Jochna at home? Far from treatment, there is no condition to buy medicine and feed it. The doctor says that he cannot afford to take her to Dhaka. Ripon’s question, my wife will die without treatment in front of the eyes for lack of money?

Dighali Union Parishad Chairman Sheikh Mujibur Rahman said, “Suddenly Jochna fell in front of my motorcycle. I was also injured in the treatment. I have paid some expenses for the treatment of Jochna. I will cooperate with him more.

Resident Medical Officer (RMO) of Laxmipur Sadar Hospital Anwar Hossain said Jochna now needs better treatment. That’s why we left him with first aid. We can keep him for a maximum of two days. He needs to be taken to Dhaka cripple hospital for better treatment.