May 8, 2021


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Attempts to bring vaccines from countries other than India

► Only two weeks of vaccines in hand
I paid ►, I want vaccine: Health Minister
► Johnson Modern, China and Russia Contact for Ticker
The government is willing to release vaccines in the private sector if necessary
Efforts are being made to bring the remaining 23 million doses of vaccine from the Seram Institute of India to the country as soon as possible as per the agreement of the Bangladesh government. Besides, new efforts have been made to collect vaccines from other countries as well. In this case, communication is going on directly from the government level with different countries as well as through some non-governmental organizations of the country.

According to the latest information, several pharmaceutical companies have already submitted applications to the Ministry of Health to bring the modern and Johnson & Johnson vaccines from America to the country. One of the organizations had applied earlier. They went silent without getting any response from the government. Now the government has called them again and advised them to re-apply. On the other hand, the court battle for vaccination from Russia and China has started from the government level. In this case, several companies of the country have prepared for the production of vaccines in those two countries.

A responsible source in the Ministry of Health, who did not want to be named, said that several applications have been submitted to the Department of Drug Administration and the Ministry regarding the import. These are being coordinated. The next process will be completed after the overall matter is checked and selected by the specific committee from the Department of Drug Administration.

In this regard, Health and Family Welfare Minister Zahid Malek told Kaler Kantha, “We are continuing our efforts in various ways with a few organizations and with a few countries. Our communication has not stopped. Initiatives have been taken to collect vaccines from where we can get them. But now the ticker crisis is going on in different countries, there are various problems. We have no shortage of efforts from our place. ‘

Additional Director of the Department of Health, Prof. “We call on private entrepreneurs, not just the government, to come forward,” Mirzadi Sebrina Flora told Kaler Kanth. Now people need to be vaccinated. We are also looking into the use of the medium from which we get the test. “He added:” If necessary, if a company wants to bring the vaccine to the private sector commercially, we are now considering.

Meanwhile, 17 lakh 8 thousand 189 people have taken the second dose of coronavirus vaccine in the country in 12 days. One lakh 70 thousand 902 people took the second dose on Tuesday. In addition, a total of 56 lakh 45 thousand 75 people have taken the first dose. 15 thousand 938 people took the first dose yesterday. On the other hand, a total of 61 lakh 50 thousand 83 people have registered for Tikar. This information has been informed from the MIS branch of the health department.

According to the information, 84 lakh 23 thousand 264 doses of the first and second doses have been vaccinated till yesterday. The total number of vaccines in the hands of the government was one crore and two lakh doses. Now we have 26 lakh 7 thousand 628 doses. As a result, if the first and second doses are continued at the same time, the vaccine in hand can continue for another two weeks. As a result, the Ministry of Health is increasingly thinking about collecting vaccines for the next one. Keeping this in view, the Ministry has now started vigorous activities in collecting vaccines from different countries besides the Seram Institute of India. Experts are also increasing pressure on the government in this regard. In view of this, the government has also started collecting vaccines through various non-governmental organizations.

Corona to deal with the government formed the National Technical Advisory Committee President Prof. Mohammad Shahidullah told Kaler Kanth, “We have already met and once again advised the government to collect vaccines from various sources as soon as possible.” We have been working hard to ensure that vaccines do not create a crisis. ”

Asked about getting vaccines from the best in India, Health and Family Welfare Minister Zahid Malek told Kaler Kantha, “I bought the vaccines with money. We want our vaccine now; I demand a ticker. In the meantime we have given many letters. Keeping in touch regularly. I hope we get vaccinated soon. ‘

Meanwhile, multiple sources in the vaccine management branch of the Department of Health have said that there is a possibility that some vaccines will come through the World Health Organization’s Covacs from next May. The Department of Health is also maintaining contact with them.