May 17, 2021


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Mamunulara excluded, custody will be newly formed?


Hefazat-e-Islam, a non-political organization based in Qaumi Madrasa, is facing the opposite fate of putting pressure on the government by implementing its political agenda. The organization will be formed anew by excluding the political leaders in custody. Will work in coordination with the government. Hefazat leaders outside the jail assured the government in a meeting with law enforcement agencies.

Hefazat leaders recently met with the Home Minister and the Special Branch of the Police (SB) to reach a compromise and state their position. Relevant sources said that the leaders gave such assurances there.

A top Hifazat leader, speaking on condition of anonymity, said in a meeting with a special branch of the police that Hifazat had made some strategic mistakes in the anti-Modi movement, sabotage in various places including Brahmanbaria and Sonargaon. However, the instigators of sabotage are not in custody.

At the meeting, senior members of the Special Branch (SB) of the Bangladesh Police said that Hefazat-e-Islam emerged as a non-political organization in 2010. However, after the death of Allama Shah Ahmad Shafi, the Amir of Hifazat, they formed a political organization. Leaders of different political parties are in the central and Dhaka metropolitan committees of Hefazat and they are running the movement politically.

The Hifazat leader said that in a meeting with members of the law enforcement agencies, they had talked about reforming Hifazat. They have asked to remove the personalities of political organizations from all the committees of Hefazat and give them new committees. Besides, he said that the activities of Qawmi Madrasa will be conducted as per the decision of Al-Hayatul Ulaya Lil Jamiatil Qawmia Bangladesh Board. Hefazat also asked to ensure that Qawmi Madrasa could not take any decision.

Sources said that the present committee of Hefazat could be dissolved at any time. Hefazat leaders have already started looking for a worthy successor to Allama Shafi. Shafi’s followers will be given priority in the new committee.

On Monday, in a meeting with the Home Minister and police detectives, the Hefazat leaders admitted their mistake and proposed a compromise. However, the police administration is in a strict position with strict three-point instructions including the formation of a committee excluding the leaders of political parties including Mamunul Haque from custody. There are instructions to arrest all those whose names are coming up in the investigation of the case. According to sources, the detectives have received information about various irregularities in the control and management of Qawmi Madrasa by the political leaders of Hefazat. These cases can also lead to cases of financial fraud. On the other hand, the leaders of Hefazat are waiting for an agreement without a program after the meeting. There are also rumors about the Mamunul Haque controversy and the state of the organization.

According to intelligence sources, the government is on the hard line regarding the custody leaders due to sabotage. The arrest is going on as per the instructions. There are no new guidelines after the compromise proposal. The police have given strict conditions to form a new committee excluding the leaders of the political parties in custody. Meanwhile, an intelligence report has been sent to higher authorities on how and by whom the big Qawmi madrassas are being controlled. Sources said that a case may also be filed against the Hefazat leaders who have committed irregularities in the madrasa.

Meanwhile, Hefazat leaders are worried about the overall situation. He is also communicating with various quarters by proposing a compromise in the meeting. They are also discussing the conditions given by the police. If you want to know the acting organizing secretary of the central committee of the custody Maulana. Mir Idris said, “It was informed by the organization in the meeting with the Home Minister that we have not made any movement against the government. Hefazat-e-Islam is not against the government. We protest from the organization when religious feelings are hurt. In response to a question on what the Home Minister said after raising these demands, he said, “I have asked you to talk to the Prime Minister.”

Meanwhile, Hefazat leaders are said to have held a secret arbitration meeting due to a dispute over Mamunul Haque’s marriage. At Jamia Rahmania Arabia Madrasa in Mohammadpur, some leaders of Hefazat recently sat in a meeting with Mamunul. There, Mamunul Haque claimed that he had married Jannat Ara Jharna, a woman who was with him at a resort in Sonargaon. Mamunul presented the witnesses present at the wedding to the custody leaders. After the incident, the Hefazat leaders assured Mamunul of their cooperation. However, some of the leaders of Hefazat have become annoyed with Mamunul due to the leak of information about another marriage and the ongoing controversy.

According to reliable sources, some of them have started contacting the followers of the late Amir Ahmad Shafi in various quarters to form a new committee of custody.