May 8, 2021


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What will the BNP do with Abbas’s three ‘mistakes’?

BNP leader M Ilyas Ali has made explosive remarks about his ‘disappearance’. The party’s decision in this regard will be known soon. However, even in such a situation, various discussions are going on in the BNP about what to do about Abbas. Someone says he should be asked to explain the statement. According to some, he should be expelled from the party. However, Abbas, who has been involved in BNP politics since the time of the party’s founder Ziaur Rahman, has been found to have discussions in the party such as ‘not liabilities, but assets’ for the party. That is why that part thinks that it is better for the BNP to warn him for the future with a letter. What is the benefit of removing him from the team! Besides, the BNP is already in a leadership crisis as many senior leaders have died. Abbas is known as a very old and dedicated leader of the party. He also has a group of supporters in the BNP.

However, the sympathetic part of Abbas has not been able to openly campaign for him. Because in informal discussions they also admit that despite being a very old and selfless leader, Abbas has made three mistakes.

First, he has blamed some BNP leaders for Elias ‘disappearance’. It went against the team. Because BNP has been saying for 9 years that the government is involved with Ilyas Ali ‘Gum’. The BNP has even complained to the UN against the government. Second, the ruling party has benefited politically from Abbas’s remarks that “the Awami League has not disappeared Ilyas Ali.” Added as the third mistake, Mirza Abbas held a press conference like his own on April 17 without following the instructions of the party’s acting chairman Tareq Rahman; Where he blamed the media for the whole incident. But the direction of Tareq Rahman

According to the BNP made a draft of the statement; Where there were some flexible statements like misunderstandings and expressions of regret.

But it is known that Abbas, who is a bit stubborn, did not agree to read that statement. He did not read the statement made under Tareq’s direction at the press conference but held a press conference like his own. But Tareq Rahman has become more angry. It is learned that he has been holding discussions with almost all the leaders of the standing committee for three days on what to do about him.

On the other hand, Tareq has given responsibility to some leaders close to Abbas to persuade him to “admit wrong” in his speech. However, it is learned that the leaders of the former Juba Dal and the central BNP were also disappointed with Abbas’s statement. They say, how could Mirza Abbas make such a big mistake. Some of them are not going to Abbas’s house even though they are in touch by telephone. Because besides Tareq Rahman, leaders and activists of BNP at all levels are very angry at the moment. As a result, Abbas’s relatives are also avoiding him. Abbas, however, was reportedly advised to remain silent.

When asked, most of the members of the BNP standing committee did not agree to talk about it. According to them, the matter is under the jurisdiction of Chairperson Khaleda Zia and Acting Chairman Tareq Rahman. They will decide.

However, Gayeshwar Chandra Roy, a member of the standing committee, told Kaler Kanth that Abbas may not have made such a statement from a responsible position. But people can be wrong. ‘He said,’ Although I don’t think Abbas said these things on purpose. Besides, he has passion for Ilyas Ali, which should also be taken into consideration. ‘

Another member of the standing committee, Iqbal Hasan Mahmud Tuku, told Kaler Kanth, “We have no right to comment on a member of the standing committee. The party chairperson and acting chairman have the right to speak on the issue.

In a speech at a virtual meeting on April 18, Mirza Abbas blamed some BNP leaders for the disappearance of former BNP organizing secretary and MP Ilias Ali. Without naming the leaders, he said, “Many people know these people hiding inside the party.” He also said, “The Awami League government has not disappeared Ilyas Ali.”