May 17, 2021


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A month later, Hafez Aliullah was found dead

A madrasa student named Hafeez Oliullah Swadhin (18) of Debidwar upazila of Comilla was taken to Lama upazila of Bandarban to collect ransom money. But he was killed without getting the demanded money. Later, the body was buried to hide the murder. Police recovered Swadhin’s body from the ground 25 days after the incident. Two people, including the cousin of the deceased, have been arrested in connection with the murder.

His body was recovered from Shing Jhiri area of ​​Ward 5 of Rupsipara Union in Bandarban’s Lama Upazila on Tuesday night (April 20). The deceased was identified as Hafeez Aliullah, 4th son of Mubarak Hossain of Bishnapur village under Fatehabad union of Debidwar upazila of Comilla. He took the turban from Basnapur Tauhil Al Rahman Hafezia Orphanage Complex in 2016 after completing the Quran Hafez.

The deceased was identified as Fayez Ahmed, 40, cousin of the deceased Maleker of Kharataiya village under Sholanal union of Burichang upazila and Arif Khan, 19, son of late Madan Khan of Bishnapur village under Fatehabad union of Debidwar upazila

The killers are Fayez and Arif.

The assassins suffocated Swadhin in the deep forest between Ward No. 1 and Ward No. 5 of Shingjhiri village in Rupsipara union of Lama upazila of Bandarban district on March 25 at noon. A month after the incident, Lama police recovered his body. The killers also arrested Fayez Ahmed and Arif. The detainees confessed to the murder to the police, police said.

According to local sources, Swadhin was tempted to take a job on March 22 and was taken to Shinjhiri, a remote area of ​​Rupshi Para Union in Lama Upazila of Bandarban. After stopping him there, Arif and Fayez called Swadhin’s house from his number and demanded a ransom of Tk 1.5 lakh. In this way, they kept on pressing for a ransom of Tk 1.5 lakh by calling from Swadhin’s phone number for two days.

Although Swadhin’s parents repeatedly wanted to talk to his son, he was told not to send money for development before, otherwise Swadhin would be buried alive, he is now a prisoner in our hands. After failing to pay, Swadhin was buried in the ground in Shinjhiri area on the night of March 25. Since then, Swadhin’s phone number has been blocked.

Md. Jilani Babu, brother of the deceased and plaintiff in the case, said, Fayez and Arif demanded a ransom of one lakh rupees from our family with various pictures of the abduction of Swadhin in Emu. Due to non-receipt of ransom money, they suffocated Swadhin on March 25 and buried him in the deep forest of Shingjhiri in Lama Rupsipara Union. Detainees Fayez and Arif also confessed to the murder to the police.

Sub-Inspector (SI) of Bandarban Lama Police Station Trijit Barua said that Hafeez Mohammad Aliullah was not found after much searching and his elder brother Mohammad Jilani Babu filed a general diary at Burichang Police Station on March 26. Md Jilani Babu Lama, brother of the deceased, lodged another complaint with the police station through the mobile phone track demanding ransom. Based on the allegations, Lama police launched an investigation.

Sub-Inspector (SI) of Lama Police Station Trijit Barua said a team of police led by him arrested Mohammad Fayez and Mohammad Arif and in their confession recovered the body of Swadhin buried under the ground in Lama’s deep forest on Tuesday (April 20).

Debidwar Police Station Officer-in-Charge (OC) Arifur Rahman said no one except a journalist had reported or complained about the incident. However, according to our information, the house of the deceased boy is in Bishnapur village of Debidwar upazila. A GD has been lodged at Burichang police station in this incident. Bandarban’s Lama police have recovered the body of the deceased.