May 17, 2021


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Omnipresent and omnipresent division

The young people who are killing and injuring each other today, are addicted to various drugs, once they were in the liberation war, as they were in the previous state language movement. Has won the movement for the state language; But I don’t see the proof of victory, I see the mother tongue cable being cornered. The morning ferry of Martyrs’ Day has been taken away by the guards at midnight, the aurora light of the morning has become dim. He surrendered to the darkness of night. This is a sign that the irresistible movement of capitalism is going to be omnipresent. Twenty-one was an anti-state coup, the state has detained him for not giving him due status. On the other hand, there is no Bengali in the high court, not even in higher education. Hearing that students have to be admitted in the Bangla department in the universities, the students’ faces dry up and the parents count the mistakes.

Smart boys and girls feel uncomfortable to speak Bengali, educated adults also speak Bengali mixed with English. Proves that they are not backward. This abnormality is now the new normality.
The question arose in the wise circles as to why the introduction of Ekushey February should not be done with the date of Bengali Falgun. Falgun has taken appropriate revenge for his neglect. Silently. Pahela Falgun is now responding very well. Stay with Valentine’s Day. Pahela Falgun and Valentine’s Day have nothing to do with the movement to protect the dignity of the mother tongue. The opposite is true. Young people are not motivated to take their country forward with the celebration of Pahela Falgun and Valentine’s Day. Their interest is not patriotic at all, it is purely personal. They go out in search of love and become private, pushing the public away. Behind it is the activity of trade. Flowers, clothes, gifts, colors — all these increase in trade. There are advertisements. There was a commotion in the media. All activities are purely capitalist and for that reason they are definitely against the spirit of Ekushey. And the developed form of Ekushey’s consciousness is the consciousness of liberation war. The spirit of the liberation war is not able to protect itself from the outbreak of trade.

Education in three streams is maintained with dignity. And the injury that is coming is more on the original section, the Bengali section. The curriculum, textbooks, examination system of that genre are constantly being tested and almost none of them are benefiting the students. It is heard that the English version of the national curriculum will be introduced at the very initial stage. The English version has already been launched at the secondary level, an initiative to take it to a very early stage. Low-income parents may be happy to think that their children will no longer be deprived, that they too will have the right to be educated in English. Meanwhile, all other schools were closed during the Corona period but Qawmi Madrasa was not closed. The number of admissions there has increased. In the coming days, the sons and daughters of the lower middle class who will become poor will go to Qawmi Madrasa. There is hope that the country will be better.

Eight of the accused in the murder of young book publisher Faisal Arefin Dipan have been sentenced to death. But the main culprit is accused that the two of them have not been caught yet. It took almost six years for the trial of science writer Abhijit Roy to end. Five people have been sentenced to death in that case, one to life. But Major Syed Mohammad Ziaul Haque, who was fired from the main hota army, was sentenced to death for killing both Dipan and Abhijit, but was not caught. Abhijit’s wife Rafida Ahmed Bonya was also badly injured in the murder and somehow survived. He was not satisfied with the verdict of the case. He complained that the government was not sincere in eradicating religious militants. Abhijit’s unfortunate father, Professor Ajay Roy, lost his child and could not go to court; She was devastated by the death of her beloved child and suffered a severe blow to her vitality. That hastened his death. Abhijit’s Mao is dead. He was ill and his son had passed away. The trial of writer Humayun Azad’s murder is not over yet. The young people who killed them do not seem to have read their writings. I have just heard that they are anti-religious, if they are killed, heavenly destiny is certain, so they have jumped into the frenzy of killing people.

The fact that the world is being divided is not a new phenomenon. Not even an accident. Inevitably it is happening. The division between the beneficiaries and the disadvantaged is very old. The division has become omnipresent and omnipresent. The part is above and below. At the top are a few privileged people, at the bottom are a large number of ordinary people, who work and the people at the top are fresh by stealing the fruits of their labor. Author Jonathan Swift wrote fiction of some strange countries in his book Gulliver’s Travels. In one of the countries, the rulers live on a flying island, a vast continent below, where the subjects live. The tenants work hard, and the food they produce is picked up on the flying island; For the benefit of the privileged king, his ministers and councilors. The people have a lot of complaints. There is also a system to listen to them. The yarn is hung from above for the convenience of the people wherever the flying island goes. If the tenants wish to do so, they can happily write their grievances on paper and tie them to a thread. But no one has ever read that paper. However, if the subjects revolt by mistake, there is a system of appropriate punishment for them in the kingdom. The flying island came up in the rebel area; As a result, the lower rebels are soon deprived of both sunlight and rain.

Gives manure. Another method of suppressing the rebellion is to throw large boulders from the flying island at the people below.

The picture of this exploitation of the upper castes over the people below was painted long ago, in 1827. About 200 years later, in 1922, Rabindranath Tagore wrote a play called ‘Muktadhara’. That too with that up-and-down relationship. Above are the kings and maharajas of Uttarkut, below are the subjects of Shivtarai. The tenants pay regular rent. However, due to two consecutive years of famine, the rent could not be paid properly. As punishment, the water of the river flowing north-south, flowing north-south, has been blocked. A huge dam on the river was being built some time ago, now it has been put to use. The world poet Rabindranath was a forerunner, seeing in advance that the water of the river would be used as a weapon of oppression by human beings. However, it was not possible for him to think that his favorite river Padma would continue to become the ‘small river’ he had seen due to the intervention of the upper castes.

Author: Emeritus Professor, University of Dhaka