May 8, 2021


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This time the entry from Bangladesh to Oman is banned

After the United Kingdom and South Korea, the Middle Eastern country Oman has imposed a ban on the entry of passengers from Bangladesh. Reuters quoted Oman’s state television as saying on Wednesday that Oman had taken the initiative as part of a crackdown on coronaviruses.

Apart from Bangladesh, entry into Oman from neighboring India and Pakistan has also been banned. The ban will take effect from 6pm Oman time (8pm Bangladesh time Saturday).

The Oman News Agency said the ban would continue until further notice. Oman citizens, diplomats, health workers and their family members will be exempt from the ban. However, after going to Oman from Bangladesh, India and Pakistan, they have to stay in quarantine for 14 days. The decision was taken by the Supreme Committee on Coronation of Oman.

Meanwhile, according to UAE religious law, a Muslim man can marry a non-Muslim woman, but a Muslim woman can never marry someone from another community. And the child of such a couple cannot be recognized.

But this is the first time that the UAE has given birth certificate to a 9-month-old baby of an Indian Hindu father and a Muslim mother, forgetting that religious law.

Kiran Babu and Sanam Sabbu Siddiqui from Kerala, India did not know about such rules in the UAE. They got married in 2016 while they were in India. The couple then went to the UAE.

Their daughter was born in July 2016 in the UAE. But according to the law, the country’s hospital did not recognize the delivery of the girl child as the mother was Muslim and the father was Hindu. As a result, the child’s birth certificate was not found.

“I had an UAE visa,” said Kiran Babu, the child’s father. So I had to admit my pregnant wife to a hospital here for childbirth. But the hospital authorities did not want to give her birth certificate after giving birth to a baby girl as I am a Hindu. ‘

He appealed to the court in the face of such problems. After a four-month hearing on the application, the case was finally dismissed. He was then compelled to approach the government of the United Arab Emirates with the help of the Indian embassy.

Kiran Babu said, ‘Even the UAE government authorities could not help me as they did not have any information about my daughter’s birth. The fight I had to get my daughter’s birth certificate was very difficult. ‘

In the end, Kiran Babu was forced to go to the court again. The court agreed to re-hear his case on the initiative of M Raja Murugan, an official at the Indian embassy in the country.

Kiran Babu said, ‘The judiciary of the country started hearing my case as an exception. The Chief Justice then approved the validity of my application. Not only that, he instructed the health department to give my daughter’s birth certificate. ‘

Finally, on April 14, the Emirati government gave birth certificate to the daughter of Kiran Babu and Sanam Sabbu Siddiqui. This is the first time in the UAE that a child of a couple who broke the law has been given a birth certificate.

The year 2019 was declared as the ‘Year of Absolute Tolerance’, according to government officials. So it is an initiative to build unity between two different communities. And giving birth certificate to the child is part of it.