May 16, 2021


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Student leader abducted for raping schoolgirl

A few people, including Nur Hossain Abid’s uncle Magnama Union Chhatra Dal president Ziaur Rahman, have been accused of forcibly abducting a schoolgirl who was raped in Pekua in Cox’s Bazar. The victim was taken to Cox’s Bazar Sadar Hospital for a medical examination the day after she filed a case with the police station. On the way back at night, the student’s car was stopped and she was abducted.

After that, the student was taken hostage and talked to on Facebook Live, in the sense that he has been in a love affair with Abid for a long time. A case has been filed against Sharafat Ullah Wasim, chairman of the local Magnama Union Parishad, for fabricating the drama of the incident.

Claiming this, the elder sister of the raped student held a press conference at the Pekua Reporters Unity office on Wednesday (April 21) night. At that time, the elder sister sought help from the administration including the police to rescue her underage younger sister (rape) alive.

At the press conference, the elder sister said, Nur Hossain Abid (currently in jail as an accused in a rape case) went to our house on the morning of April 18. At that time Abid forcibly raped my sister. At one point my sister screamed. Then the locals went and arrested Abid.

At this time, the relatives pressured Abid to marry his sister locally. Later, when Abid’s family did not agree, my sister called the National Emergency Service 999. The police arrived and rescued my sister and arrested Abid. After I was taken to the police station, when I wanted to be a plaintiff, the president of Magnama Union Chhatra Dal and uncle of the rapist Ziaur Rahman threatened me on his mobile phone. Not only me, our society has also threatened Sardar Habib on his mobile phone.

At that time, Ziaur Rahman told me on his mobile phone that if anyone was a plaintiff, I would cut him into pieces. I have a record of this conversation. After that, out of fear, if I do not want to be a plaintiff, my sister voluntarily defends her honor. The next morning after the work of the police station was over, I went to Cox’s Bazar Sadar Hospital for my sister’s health check-up. After the health check, we went to the court and left for home in the evening. On the way, an autorickshaw carrying us was stopped in Magnama Satgharpara area and 2-3 people led by Chhatra Dal president Ziaur Rahman abducted my sister.

The elder sister of the raped student also said that after my sister was abducted, a press conference was held that night with threats. At that press conference, the guardians of the accused Nur Hossain Abid sat on either side of my sister and held a press conference. There has been some talk against law enforcement and the chairman. Which is not true at all. I was present at the police station when the case was filed. My sister voluntarily testified. I am the witness of everything.

“After abducting my sister, I now suspect they may have killed her,” he said. That is why I want the cooperation of the police and journalists. How is my sister now? I have no idea where it is. I want everyone’s cooperation in rescuing my underage sister.

Regarding the allegation, Magnama Union Chhatra Dal president Ziaur Rahman claimed that the girl was not raped by her nephew Abid. The Magnama Union Parishad chairman is harassing us by arranging rape cases due to the previous dispute. Moreover, the student voluntarily held a press conference and highlighted the real incident through social media. The incident of abducting the student is also 100% false.

It may be mentioned that the incident of rape took place at the house of the student in Kodailya Shia village of Magnama union of the upazila on Sunday morning. The raped student is a tenth grader at a local school. The arrested rapist Nur Hossain Abid (22) is the son of Nur Mohammad of Satghar Para of the same union.