May 8, 2021


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Litchi tree was planted with mango glue!

In Thakurgaon Sadar Upazila, there has been fog over catching and tearing mangoes from litchi trees. People were running from far and wide to see this rare event. In the meantime, it was suddenly known that a former local member had torn the mango in anger. Meanwhile, a day after the mango was plucked, on Wednesday (April 21), discussions are going on anew in the presence of the dried stems and glue of the mango. An official from the Thakurgaon office of the Department of Agricultural Extension said, “The matter has been manipulated.” He said someone could glue it.

It is known that after ripening the mango, its stems have dried up, which is not the case after storing mangoes normally. There is also the presence of adhesive substances. Even after tearing the mango, the Thakurgaon office of the Department of Agricultural Extension observed the incident.

Thakurgaon Agriculture Extension Department Deputy Director Abu Hossain said, “The matter has been manipulated, it is now understood. Maybe someone glued it. Or it has been done by some other tactic. ‘

He said, ‘Although the stem of the litchi is long, the mango is much shorter than usual. Seeing all this, the issue seems to be a problem from the very beginning. It is understood now because of the tearing. The stems are dry, which is not the case with normal stems. It’s too dark. ‘

One day after tearing the mango, the plant dried up.

The official of the Department of Agricultural Extension added, “We also kept an eye on the matter. The family also had to keep the mango. But it has been torn down. This has been done because the incident was spreading. ‘

Horticultural experts have not been able to provide any scientific explanation for the phenomenon of catching mangoes in litchi trees. As a result, many accepted it as a miracle. It was decided to wait a few days to observe the matter. Because if the mango is planted in any way, it will fall off or dry out. Agriculture officials said that if the mango continues to grow, it will be considered as an unusual phenomenon. Then there will be opportunities for research on it. But since the mango was torn down, locals have been calling it sorted. However, those who have seen the mango hanging on the litchi tree with their own eyes have taken the matter as a miracle.

Bangladesh Atomic Agriculture Research Institute, Chief Scientific Officer of the Department of Horticulture. Md. Rafiqul Islam said, another fruit on one tree is possible only through grafting. However, this cannot be done in the case of litchi and mango. Litchi and mango tissue systems are not one.

He added that there is no example of pairing mango stalks with litchi. Litchi and mango are not one family plant. If the number of chromosomes is one, many times can happen. Not even that. There is no explanation for this in botany.

The mango was torn by a former local member.

Abdur Rahman, the owner of the litchi tree, said there was no method, the mangoes were caught there naturally. Last Saturday morning, his grandson Hridoy Islam informed him that he had caught a mango in a litchi tree. He went and saw it on the spot.

When the news spread, many people flocked to see it. Then the picture of mango on litchi tree went viral through media and social media. The owner of the tree, Abdur Rahman, alleged that the former member of the area had plucked the mango from the Sikkim litchi tree on Tuesday.

However, the accused former UP member Sikkim said, ‘A litchi tree has caught mangoes in the area. People are coming from far and wide all day to see it. People are also crowding in groups with cars. My nephew was injured in a motorcycle accident yesterday. So I tore the mango in anger. Later I realized that it was not right to tear the mango.

Abu Hossain, deputy director of Thakurgaon Agriculture Extension Department, said, “I sent a delegation to observe.” It looks like a real litchi mango tree. However, research was needed to find out the real facts. I also contacted the upper house. But the real secret is no longer known. I heard who tore the mango.