May 17, 2021


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Schoolgirl commits suicide in Gafargaon

In Mymensingh’s Gafargaon, an eighth grade student named Shahinur Akhter (14) committed suicide by hanging himself with a ceiling fan wrapped around his neck. The incident took place at Kharua Barail village of Raona union in the upazila on Wednesday evening. Upon receiving the news, Gafargaon police went to the spot to recover the body.

The deceased was identified as Shahinur, daughter of Sabuj Miah of Kharua Barail village and an eighth grade student of local Kharua Barail High School. Relatives claim that Shahinur was mentally ill for some time and was undergoing treatment.

According to local sources, before Iftar on Wednesday, Shahinur Akhter suddenly closed the door of the half-building. Later his mother Shirina Begum cried a lot but did not get any cure. In this situation, the family members went to the room on the ceiling of the next room and saw Shahinur committing suicide by tying a scarf around his neck with the ceiling fan. Upon receiving the news, local UP chairman Sahabul Alam went to the spot and informed the police.

UP Chairman Sahabul Alam said, it is a very sad incident. The girl committed suicide at a young age. However, I heard that the girl had been mentally ill for some time and was undergoing treatment at the initiative of the family.

Gafargaon Police Station OC Anukul Sarkar said Inspector of Police (Investigation) Mirza Anwarul Abedin was sent to the spot with the accompanying force to recover the body. Legal action will be taken in this regard.

Meanwhile, 10 people were injured in a clash between the two sides over the domination of Handidah village in Mollahat of Bagerhat. At that time, 20 houses on both sides were vandalized. The clash took place between Rashid Fakir and Abed Mollah group in Haridah village of the upazila on Tuesday night and Wednesday. Additional police have been deployed in the area to control the situation.

Imdad Mollah of Rashid Fakir’s group said, ‘Abed Mollah’s people have vandalized six houses on our side. And I am demolishing 9 houses of Abed Mollah’s party with my own leadership and with my own hands. ‘ Imdad Mollah further said, I know it will be a case, what will happen in these cases? If there is a case, it will be for both the parties.

Sajeda Akhter, daughter of Abdul Mannan Sheikh of the rival Abed Mollah Group, said her father was in the bicycle business. 20-25 people including Imdad looted their houses, refrigerators and furniture along with cash and 20 bicycles.

Abed Mollah’s wife said that Rashid’s group led by Imdad had vandalized and looted all the furniture including our house, electric meter and fridge.

Mollahat Police Officer-in-Charge (OC) Kazi Golam Kabir said team leader Abed Mollah had been detained to maintain law and order in the area. Police are continuing to try to detain people on the other side. Additional police have been deployed there to control the situation.