May 16, 2021


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Adolescents locked in the house and raped in turn!

The victim’s father has filed a case against two youths named Rabiul Islam and Masud for raping a teenager in Hili, Dinajpur. The incident took place at 11 am on Tuesday in South Basudebpur (Jilapipatti) mahalla of Hili. The girl’s father has alleged that the accused is threatening the girl’s family in various ways to cover up the matter.

It is learned that the girl’s father is a van driver by profession and her mother works as a maid in another’s house. They leave the girl at home and go to work as usual. Neighbor Masood called the girl to his house around 11am on Tuesday and locked her in a room. Later, another young man, Rabiul Islam and Masood, who were already hiding there, took turns raping the girl.

When the girl’s parents came home in the evening, the girl started crying and opened the matter. When the girl’s father went to the rapist’s house and protested to their parents, he was also humiliated and kicked out of the house.

Hakimpur Police Station Officer-in-Charge (OC) Ferdous Wahid said that after the girl and her parents came to the police station at night and informed him, the initial investigation revealed the truth of the rape. A case has been filed with Hakimpur Police Station under the Child and Women Abuse Act. Attempts are being made to arrest the accused.

The epidemic of coronavirus has put low-income occupations in extreme uncertainty and risk. People’s lives have been ruined. Economic misery is gradually fading the dream of survival of the workers. Cobbler is an essential marginal profession of the society. There are 15-20 cobblers in Gafargaon municipal town of Mymensingh. They make a living by polishing and repairing the shoes of the passengers arriving at various stands of the city including the railway station and Jamtala junction. But the effects of the epidemic have almost cut off their livelihoods.

Passengers do not travel to the station as the train does not run due to corona. There are few vehicles in the stands even in the lockdown, but there are very few passengers. So it goes without saying that shoemakers have almost no income. Even in this situation, they sit with the shop in the hope of earning income like every day.

Three cobbler shops can be seen at gate number two of Gafargaon railway station as well. However, there are no passengers at the station as the train is closed. Talking to cobbler Krishna Chandra. They have a joint family of 11 people. If the train movement is normal, you can earn 500 to 600 rupees per day. But now you can earn 50-100 rupees a day when people come to the market from time to time. It only costs money. The family lives with the help of Krishna Chandra’s brothers.

Ranglal Muchi, who was sitting next to him, said, “What can I do, brother, I can’t do any other work.” So I sit in hope. If there is some income-earning. All people have the same condition. How can people live in that condition!

Golam Mohammad Farooqi, a lecturer at the local Altaf Golandaj Degree College, said the epidemic has left people of almost all walks of life frustrated. However, marginal occupations have suffered more.