May 17, 2021


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Extortion on autorickshaws did not stop at the lockdown

Many people are dying every day in the Corona epidemic across the country. Many helpless people are becoming destitute in the clutches of Corona. Autorickshaw drivers are forced to go out on the road to feed the boys and girls without risking their lives. Drivers have to drive autorickshaws in the lockdown in Shimrail area of ​​Siddhirganj in Narayanganj. They have been accused of intimidating and harassing them in various ways.

Visiting in front of Shimrail Khanka Jame Mosque in Siddhirganj on Wednesday afternoon, it was seen that Rocky Mia, Sumon Mia, Sabuj Mia, Babul Mia, Nabi Mia, led by Siddhirganj rickshaw van owner Mamun Khan, were collecting Rs 30 from each autorickshaw. On the other hand, on Demra Chittagong Road, a man named Mona Mia is collecting Rs 120 per car from an auto-driven rickshaw and Rs 1 lakh from each car every month, motorists said.

A lineman, who did not want to be named, told Kaler Kanth that Mamun Khan and his associates had to pay the lion’s share of the money collected from each vehicle. We, the Mamuns, work hard day and night in the sun and rain to get money and have fun sitting in the office.

According to the auto drivers, a few days ago, Mamun Mia collected a total of Tk 25,000 from each autorickshaw in the name of garbage reform, but did not do any work. When it rains a little, water accumulates up to the knees on the road. Not only that, it is not possible to walk on the road with the foul smell of dirt in the piles of garbage. All passengers starting from pedestrians have to move with handkerchiefs on their noses.

Auto driver Sumon Mia told Kaler Kanth that he went out into the street looking at the eyes of his wife and children in the Corona epidemic. But we are not able to escape from the tyranny of the extortionists. We are seeking the intervention of the administration in this regard.

Kamal, a motorist, told Kaler Kanth, “We are in dire straits due to the lockdown.” I can’t drive a car all day to get food. Khara’s grass in his death. The extortionist force has to be paid.

Siddhirganj Thana Awami League president Mujibur Rahman said, “If anyone extorts money by transporting the name of Awami League and its affiliates, he will not be released.” He called on the law enforcement agencies to take action against him.

Asked about this, Mamun Khan said, “We collect tolls from the owners’ association at a fixed rate for each vehicle.” All this money is used to run the lineman and office expenses. When asked about how he was raising money during the coronation period, he tried to manage this reporter.

Siddhirganj police inspector Mashiur Rahman (PPMBAR) said transport extortionists would not be given any exemption. Many extortionists have already been arrested and prosecuted.

Asked about this, RAB-11 Additional Superintendent of Police Jasim Uddin said many extortionists have been arrested and sent to court on charges of being involved in extortion at Shimrail junction. If any extortionist has taken money from the drivers during the coronation period, one of them will be found and brought under the law.