May 16, 2021


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Jamjamat wholesale market in lockdown

Disobeying the instructions of the local administration, the biggest wholesale market in Narayanganj’s Sonargaon upazila has been set up at Anandabazar today. Outbreaks appear to be exacerbated during the Corona outbreak and overcrowding in the market.

Due to the outbreak of corona virus, the upazila administration closed four main roads of the upazila with bamboo barricades. As four main roads were closed from noon to night on Tuesday, people in 20 villages of Sanmandi Union and 18 villages of Sonargaon Municipality were affected. The administration removed the bamboo from the road on Wednesday morning in the face of widespread criticism over the road closures.

The representative saw the overflowing crowd of people at Anandabazar Hat, the largest wholesale market of the upazila, from 10 am to 3 pm on Wednesday. No one from the police or local administration was seen.

Abdul Baset, the lessee of the market, said, “We have set up the market in compliance with the health rules.” No sanctions were imposed by our administration.

Upazila Nirbahi Officer (UNO) Atiqul Islam said the market was set up today in defiance of the administration’s ban. Necessary steps will be taken to prevent the haat from setting up next week.

Senior Assistant Superintendent of Police Ariful Islam Siddiqui (ASP) of Shibganj Circle has been withdrawn from the Mokamatla Police Investigation Center after two bottles of Phensidyl were recovered from Bogra and six bottles were sold from there. An order to withdraw the ASP from the police headquarters reached the Bogra Superintendent of Police’s office on Wednesday evening.

Inspector General of Police (IGP) said. In an order signed by Benazir Ahmed, Shibganj Circle Senior Assistant Superintendent of Police Ariful Islam Siddiqui has been withdrawn and attached to the Barisal Range Office. Earlier in the afternoon, Bogra Superintendent of Police Ali Ashraf Bhuiyan, two other police officers withdrew Inspector Shahin Zaman, in-charge of Shibganj Police Station’s Mokamatla Police Investigation Center, and Sub-Inspector (SI) Sujauddaula.

It is learned that on the night of April 3, members of the Mokamatla Police Investigation Center set up checkposts on the Bogra-Rangpur highway and searched various vehicles. Shibganj Circle Senior Assistant Superintendent of Police Ariful Islam Siddiqui led the check post.

Police members, who did not want to be named, said a man named Nazim was arrested from Khalek Paribahan on the Dhaka-bound bus with 50 bottles and Saiful Islam from the Pinki Paribahan bus with 198 bottles of Phensidyl. Sub-Inspector (SI) Sujauddaula filed two separate cases at the Mokamatla Police Investigation Center.

A case was filed against Saiful for confiscating 110 bottles of Phensidyl instead of 198 bottles recovered from Pinky Transport. It is alleged that the accused police officers sold the remaining 8 bottles of Phensidyl through their own sources. In the wake of such allegations, the Bogra Police Super ordered the transfer of the case to two DBs.

He also appeared at the Mokamatla police investigation center on April 20 after the incident came to light and questioned the witnesses in the case in addition to the policemen present at the time of the phencidyl rescue.

Shahin Zaman, police inspector in charge of the Mokamatla police investigation center, said he had not yet received the withdrawal order. I will leave as soon as I receive the order.

Bogra Superintendent of Police Ali Ashraf Bhuiyan has admitted the veracity of this information.