May 8, 2021


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The next budget will be the budget for the protection of the poor: Finance Minister

Finance Minister AHM Mustafa Kamal has said that the next budget will give top priority to enabling the poor to keep their livelihood afloat. “Our next budget will be to protect the country’s poor,” he said. The poor will get the highest priority. At the same time, we will focus on keeping the livelihood of the common people alive.

He made the remarks at a virtual press conference after a meeting of the Cabinet Committee on Economic and Procurement on Wednesday.

Replying to a question, Kamal said that this year, 33 lakh 39 thousand families will not have any difficulty in reaching the beneficiaries of the one-time Eid gift of Tk 2,500 from the Prime Minister. Last year’s experience is being utilized to ensure that there is no problem in getting cash directly to the beneficiaries.

He said, ‘Not all the beneficiaries of the Prime Minister’s cash Eid gift are suitable for the use of technology. For this reason, in many cases it will take more time to get the money, but that is not a big problem. We are working tirelessly to ensure that the beneficiaries receive cash directly.

He said the method by which money would be sent would be further improved and if everyone was listed, money could be sent to everyone in less time.

Replying to another question from reporters, the finance minister said the prime minister was working very hard on cash assistance. So that the poor get cash in the shortest time. A total of Tk 334.63 crore will be given to 33 lakh 39 thousand poor people including day laborers and rickshaw pullers affected by coronavirus. Each family will get two thousand five hundred rupees in cash.

Asked if any special measures would be taken for the people living below the poverty line due to corona, he said, “Our goal is to bring them out of poverty.” Their protection will be given maximum authority in the next budget.

A housewife has been gang-raped in Sakhipur, Tangail. The housewife was raped overnight by three friends at a house in Jamtala area of ​​Sakhipur municipality on Tuesday. The housewife’s father filed a case against the three at Sakhipur police station on Wednesday afternoon. Police have arrested a man named Siam (21). The housewife’s house is in Ghatail upazila.

It is learned that after talking to the police and the housewife’s father, Siam called the housewife and brought her to Sakhipur. Later, Siam and his two friends Joy (20) and Sumon (21) raped him at his cousin’s house in Ward 8 of the municipality. On Wednesday morning, Siam went to take the housewife home on a motorcycle. When the housewife fell ill at that time, the people arrested Siam and handed him over to the police.

The injured housewife was admitted to Ghatail Upazila Health Complex and later to Tangail General Hospital. The housewife was two months pregnant, her father said.

Sakhipur Police Station OC (Investigation) Lutful Kabir said one person has been arrested in the incident. Attempts are underway to arrest the other accused.