May 8, 2021


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‘I want water, water’

Thousands of families in Bhairab town of Kishoreganj have been suffering due to lack of water supply in the municipality for two weeks. Families are in dire need of water for daily necessities including sahri and iftar during Ramadan.

Outraged customers staged a sit-in on Ghorakanda Jabbar Jute Mill Road in the municipal area on Wednesday afternoon demanding water with empty pitchers. Apart from this, they have given an ultimatum to surround the municipality if the problem is not resolved quickly. However, faults in the newly elected mayor’s line could disrupt the water supply. Assured fast water supply.

It is learned that in 1999, the Department of Public Health Engineering set up a water plant treatment plant in Bhairab with a capacity of 1.5 lakh gallons at a cost of around Tk 8 crore to supply pure water. Later in 2006 it was handed over to the municipality. From the beginning, the municipality started its journey with more than two hundred customers. At present there are 557 customers in Bhairabbazar, Bhairabpur, Kamalpur, Ghorakanda and some parts of Panchabati village of the municipal town.

Customers in several areas including Ghorakanda, Bhairabpur, Panchabati and Kamalpur said they have not been getting proper water for the last seven to eight months. Complaining to the water department and the former municipal mayor at different times, no work is being done.

Sadhana Begum, Rahima Begum, Zohera Begum, Selina Begum said, “I am getting water every morning and afternoon but I am not getting water. I am in trouble with the children due to lack of water. We want water, water. How can we survive without water.

Bhairab Municipality Assistant Engineer. Shahjahan Mia said water supply could be disrupted due to faults in the line. The problem of fast water supply will be solved.

In this regard, the mayor of the municipality Iftekhar Hossain Benu told Kaler Kantha that there may be a problem in water supply due to the fault in the old line. However, water supply will be taken to solve the problem quickly.

Stores and godowns have banned polythene and chemicals mixed with food. The Nandail upazila administration of Mymensingh carried out the operation in collaboration with RAB-14 on the basis of secret information. The trader suddenly fainted when he was jailed and fined by a mobile court on Wednesday afternoon. After initial treatment, he was sent to Mymensingh Jail through the police station.

According to local sources, a trader by the name of Badal Mia (40) has been selling daily necessities in Nandail Municipal Market besides plastic essentials. Upazila Nirbahi Officer Executive Officer (UNO) said. Ershad Uddin raided his shop and godown. Four tonnes of polythene and a large quantity of chemicals were seized from the shops and godowns. He was later sentenced to six months imprisonment and fined Tk 50,000 by a mobile court.

It is learned that Badal Mia has been trading in banned polythene for a long time. Polythene has been seized from his warehouse more than once. The operation was carried out in collaboration with RAB-14 after receiving information from a secret source.