May 8, 2021


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Police sold the recovered phencidyl!

Police have been accused of recovering 246 bottles of Phensidyl from Mokamatla in Bogra and selling 8 bottles from there. Following the allegations, the case has been transferred from Mokamtala to the DB (Intelligence) branch. Besides, the police super himself has started investigating the allegation. The documents along with the evidence of the case were handed over to DB on Tuesday night.

According to the complaint, members of the Mekamatala police investigation center were searching various vehicles at the Bogra-Rangpur highway on the night of April 3. Shibganj Circle Senior Assistant Superintendent of Police Ariful Islam Siddiqui led the check post.

Police members, who did not want to be named, said a man named Nazim from Dhaka-bound bus Khalek Paribahan and a man named Saiful Islam from Pinky Paribahan were detained with 50 bottles of Phensidyl during a search of the vehicle. Sub-Inspector (SI) of Mokamatla Police Station Sujauddaula filed two separate cases in this regard.

A case was filed against Saiful for confiscating 110 bottles of Phensidyl instead of 198 bottles recovered from Pinky Transport. The remaining 8 bottles of Phensidyl were sold by the outpost police through their source.

In the wake of such allegations, the Bogra Police Super ordered the transfer of the case to two DBs. He also visited the Mokamatla police investigation center on April 20 and interrogated the witnesses of the case in addition to the police personnel present during the rescue of Phensidyl.

Shahin Zaman, inspector in-charge of the Mokamatla police investigation center, said such an allegation was being investigated. The case has gone to DB.

Shibganj Police Officer-in-Charge (OC) Sirajul Islam said, “I don’t know anything about this.”

Shibganj Circle Senior Assistant Superintendent of Police Ariful Islam Siddiqui said, “Phensidyl was recovered by setting up a check post on the night of April 3 under my leadership.” Phensidyl was not shown less when seized. Even then, as the allegations were raised, the Superintendent of Police himself has inquired into the matter.
Meanwhile, a set of coaches arrived in Dhaka at 3 pm on Wednesday, two days before the scheduled time. At 4:17 pm on March 31, SPM Bangkok, a ship carrying six Metrorail coaches, arrived at Mongla Port.

According to the pre-arranged time, the first consignment coach was scheduled to reach the newly constructed Dhaka Mass Transit Company Limited (DMTCL) jetty on April 23 on the banks of the Turag River in Dhaka. But it reached Dhaka two days ahead of schedule.

On March 4, at 3 pm Bangladesh time, the ship started its journey from Kobe port in Japan to Mongla seaport. Arrived at Mongla port on the afternoon of 31 March. And today Turag of Dhaka has reached the shore.